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A spoiler free review of ‘Avenger’s: Endgame’

Teresa Gulli, Staff Writer May 1, 2019

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been a decade in the making starting in 2008 with “Iron Man” and now has led up to their latest film, “Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame.” The anticipation of the fans has them eager to experience where the last film was left off.

Disney announces their streaming platform

Teresa Gulli, Staff Writer April 23, 2019

Disney has just released their new streaming service that will compete with Netflix, HBO and soon, Apple TV+. It has been announced that it will be called Disney+  which is set to debut on Nov. 12 in the United States.

SSU introduces new online literary magazine

Teresa Gulli, Staff Writer April 17, 2019

Brand new to Sonoma State University, Flux is an online literary magazine that is set to debut in Fall 2019 where it welcomes students across majors.


Nipsey Hussle’s death stirs up conspiracy

Teresa Gulli, Staff Writer April 10, 2019

Grammy-nominated rapper and activist, Nipsey Hussle’s sudden death has brought social media platforms to flood people’s feeds with conspiracy theories immediately upon being pronounced dead.


TikTok’s algorithm can be addicting and limiting

Teresa Gulli, Staff Writer April 3, 2019

In a world of short attention spans, the latest viral social media app, TikTok, is taking the internet by storm with the quick 15 second video clips that are applicable to any user. These video clips have the reputation of fun, entertaining, cringe-worthy or radical content which includes but not limited to lip syncing songs or viral memes, challenges and comedy sketch content. This platform is widely used by Generation Z but is still acknowledged by millennials. The appeal to this platform is free, and short form videos that captivate your attention.


Young people face difficulty in modern generation

Teresa Gulli, Staff Writer March 13, 2019

The pressures on Millennials are harder than past generations because of the negative stereotypes surrounding them. One pressure they face is to stay in a job at a company that seemingly doesn’t care about them. Employers want to keep employees to build loyalty and trust in the company, but quickly replace employees when they leave. Very few Milennial employees feel an attachment to their employer because their 401k retirement plan enables them to hop around from job to job in different companies when offered a raise.


Ancestory corporations give DNA access to FBI

Teresa Gulli, Staff Writer March 6, 2019

The trust between companies and the publics are being broken by there being a breach in the privacy for the customers. Ancestry DNA testing companies have now given permission to the FBI to access the DNA, but this is leaving many customers betrayed and upset that their information was given away without formal consent.  


Fast fashion remains a threat to designer companies

Teresa Gulli, Staff Writer February 27, 2019

Fast fashion is taking the fashion industry by storm with cheap prices and staying up to date with the latest trends. However, stealing high fashion designers artistic work, creating a cheaper version and making a profit is not ethical, but of course is in high demand. The reason they call it fast fashion is that it is fast on picking up the trends and current styles that the celebrities are wearing and putting it on the market at a way lower price. Stores like Fashion Nova, Forever 21, H&M, Boohoo, and more are stores that rely on other’s creativity to turn into profit. Each week thousands of styles are created and implemented in the stores for the consumers and always ready to cycle out as the trends pass.

Santa Rosa Italian restaurant great for date night

Teresa Gulli, Staff Writer February 20, 2019

Directly off Highway 12 hides a taste of Italy in the wine country, approximately 20 minutes from Sonoma State University.

10 million gamers virtually attend Fortnite concert

Teresa Gulli, Staff Writer February 13, 2019

DJ Marshmello debuted a 10 minute live virtual concert exclusively to online gamers of Fortnite leaving the fans begging for more.

Mass murder the new media craze

Teresa Gulli, Staff Writer February 6, 2019

The notorious serial killer Ted Bundy has his name circling through in the media with the new Netflix Original four-part docuseries, “Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes”. 

Shock and excitement surround the 91st Oscar nominations

Teresa Gulli, Staff Writer January 30, 2019

The nominations are in for the 91st Academy Awards Ceremony to be held once again at the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood.  As the nominations have been recently announced, many fans have had their expectations met, while many are stunned and disappointed in their favorite films not making the cut.

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