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10 million gamers virtually attend Fortnite concert

DJ Marshmello debuted a 10 minute live virtual concert exclusively to online gamers of Fortnite leaving the fans begging for more. 

This virtual concert held over 10 million gamers and is consider the biggest concert ever, virtual or not, partially because a venue cannot hold that large of a crowd.

“What makes me happiest about today is that so many people got to experience their first concert ever. All the videos I keep seeing of people laughing and smiling throughout the set are amazing. Man I’m still so pumped.” Marshmello said on his Twitter,

 Inside the game, Pleasant Park appeared for a limited time only for players to join the party with the “Alone” song DJ. 

Fans were able to dance and listen to the live performance along with Marshmello and other fans for an experience in Fortnite’s history. 

Fortnite, developed by Epic Games, has grown in  popularity in the past year, now with more than 125 million players. 

With such a large audience to reach, this is a great platform to host a virtual concert that can also be recorded for those who cannot attend in the high quality. 

As the platform is geared towards teenagers featuring fun and viral dance moves, it gains a lot of attention to streamers on Twitch, platform to stream game play, with one of the most known streamers, Ninja, and to celebrities like Marshmello, Travis Scott and Drake. 

This widely known and used platform brings accessibility to teenagers playing.

Fortnite’s detailed graphics best captures the experience of an actual Marshmello concert. 

To start, there was Marshmello on the stage performing with his turntables and visuals on the jumbo screens behind him. 

The realistic lasers, holograms of the Fortnite skins (the players outfits), and his vocals throughout the show make it captivating to be apart of. 

“And it was quite visually impressive. The stage came to life with building-sized holograms of Fortnite characters, while a custom set of graphics played behind Marshmello’s avatar.” According to The Verge, ”At certain points, timed to the shifts in the fast-moving dance music, the stage would alter gravity, sending players bouncing into the sky and even floating in place at one point.

Different dance moves could be played throughout the concert with the Marshmello’s exclusive dance move. 

Weapons were also disabled during the event to ensure a fight and death free zone making sure that no player would miss out on the show. 

Every person who attended could get a front row seat. 

Fortnite also sold a Marshmello skin and specialized dance move in their item shop.

“This gave gamers an experience to be him while also attending from the comfort of your own home,” Fortnite’s account tweeted.

This may have set a whole new approach for fans to attend a concert and for free. 

This is a way to give to the fans who cannot attend the concert due to financial reasons, transportation and age restrictions possible. 

Virtual events such as this are especially important to those who cannot physically attend the event because of disability reasons.

By popularizing online and free concerts and events, Fortnite is able to increase awareness and help to fix the accessibility issue with large scale events.

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