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Restaurant Review: Sushiko

Alexandra Rentoria, Staff Writer December 9, 2014

Sushiko is a Japanese restaurant that has a delicious assortment of unique rolls and tasty teriyaki dishes. There are several different entrees -- soups, salads, nigiri, sashimi and even a vegetarian sushi for those who are not fans of fish. 

Options in handling stress

Alexandra Rentoria, Staff Writer November 18, 2014

Stress can be an overpowering obstacle that makes it seem like there is no way to avoid the anxiety, pressure and strain to achieve a relaxed state of mind. The mindfulness and stress reduction workshop provided by Counseling and Psychological Services teaches individuals how to manage it with academics, society and emotion.

A visit to Hole in the Head

Alexandra Rentoria, Staff Writer November 11, 2014

A Hole in the Head is not quite what most people would think; it is actually an exhibit that has a unique insight into the battle of stopping a nuclear reactor being built on Bodega Head. The Hole in the Head exhibit is now on display at the Sonoma County Museum in Santa Rosa. The exhibit portrays the story of how the Pacific Gas and Electric Company tried to build a nuclear power plant in Sonoma County at Bodega Head, a small headland near Bodega Bay, beginning in 1958. But the utility had to cancel construction after local environmentalists protested its construction and the dangers the nuclear power plant could bring.

Open area for women of color

Alexandra Rentoria, Staff Writer November 4, 2014

“Our goal is to create a safe place and community for women of color on the Sonoma State University campus,” said Alissa Melendez. “We hope to help women of color explore how their identities have impacted them and provide support along their journey of self-discovery.” 

Becoming a chef 101: The college guide

Alexandra Rentoria, Staff Writer October 28, 2014

Learning how to cook is a valuable skill that everyone should acquire for various reasons. When cooking at home, it becomes easier to eat healthy. On top of that, people can save money on food; not to mention, individuals know exactly what is going into their food. Cooking is no easy thing to master unless you’re making a bowl of cereal. 

Stash that cash

Alexandra Rentoria, Staff Writer October 21, 2014

Learning to budget correctly can help lead to a successful and responsible financial future. By budgeting accurately, an individual can see how much they are spending on necessities and leisure activities. Not only does one get to see how much they spend, but they can also strategically plan out how much they want to spend exactly on certain items like groceries. 

Senioritis is upon us

Alexandra Rentoria, Staff Writer October 14, 2014

Senior year will be a walk in the park and classes will be a breeze for the rest of the year. 

Dispossess the stress

Alexandra Rentoria, Staff Writer October 7, 2014

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines stress as a state of mental tension, and worry caused by problems in ones life, work, etc. While individuals are stressed by many different factors, each person handles their stress differently. 


No time for fun

Alexandra Rentoria, Staff Writer September 30, 2014

Some individuals might think it is easy to multitask, but it is not always possible to give 100 percent to each task. Going to school full time and working full time is not an easy endeavor, and I would not advise it to any student. Sometimes, it is necessary to work full time to earn money for necessities. 


The dysfunctional family

Alexandra Rentoria, Staff Writer September 23, 2014

A new heartfelt comedy about a dysfunctional family that has to stay together in the same house for days after a family member dies has just reached theaters. “This is where I leave you” starts off with Judd Foxman (Jason Bateman) finding his wife cheating on him with his boss. Shortly after this occurs, Foxman learns that his father has passed away and that he must leave for the funeral. 


Aguilar’s dazzling show

Alexandra Rentoria, Staff Writer September 16, 2014

Pepe Aguilar impressed the Weill Hall audience on Tuesday with his voice, extraordinary light show and his children’s performance. Aguilar is the son of well-known Mexican celebrities, Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre. Aguilar produces music in several different genres including ranchera, mariachi and pop.


Sonoma Film Institute presents ‘Burning Bush’

Alexandra Rentoria, Staff Writer September 9, 2014

The film “Burning Bush,” directed by Agniezka Holland, immediately grabs the attention of the audience with the site of a man drenching himself in gasoline and lighting himself on fire. As this mysterious man runs around after being enflamed, another man tries to stop his suffering by putting the flames out with a coat. The burnt man protests “leave me alone,” and that he did not attempt “suicide.” An ambulance arrives on the scene and the man is quickly put on a gurney, but before he could leave, he tells someone about his suitcase.

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