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Dispossess the stress

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines stress as a state of mental tension, and worry caused by problems in ones life, work, etc. While individuals are stressed by many different factors, each person handles their stress differently. 

Some people take medication to relieve their anxiety, or exercise, while others meditate. These are just some tactics that individuals personally use to eliminate their stress.

Some common medications to relive anxiety are Xanax and Valium, both being Benzodiazepines. These are just a couple of prescribed medications that are on the market and there are many more. 

While medications are right for some people and bring significant benefits, they are not the best for everyone. I chose to take medication for severe headaches caused by chronic tension and stress. The medicine prescribed did not kick in right away, but when it did, I had no more headaches. 

I thought going to the doctor to get the medication was the best decision of my life. Little did I know, that this would not last because shortly after the headaches went away, my right eye started to twitch uncontrollably and it would go on for a while. 

I reread everything the doctor gave me on my medication and realized that the medicine I loved was the cause of my twitch. I decided to stop taking the medication and to find other ways to deal with my headaches.

Medicine is not always the best answer for ailments and sometimes the side effects cost more than they have to offer. 

Another reason prescribed medicine may not be the most beneficial choice, is because some are very addictive and can be abused. 

There are natural remedies to relieve stress that are open options to anyone and cannot be abused like pharmaceuticals. These include eating healthy, working out, massages and mediation.

 Eating fruits and vegetables are a natural part of the human diet and give your body nutrients. Fatty foods can make you gain weight, which can cause stress. 

Multiple elements put together can also relieve stress like a healthy diet and regular workouts. For example working out at least 30 minutes a day does not take a long time, can relieve stress and even make you feel energized. 

Another exercise that is great to reduce stress is yoga. Not only does it work out the body, some yoga classes also incorporate mediation within the exercise. 

Everyone is different; some people might want a more intense workout like judo or boot camp class, which can also relieve stress. 

Massages are one more great way to alleviate stress because the body becomes relaxed, can get rid of knots and make individuals feel refreshed. One place to get a great massage is at a spa or at Sonoma State’s University’s Rec Center. 

There are various methods to subdue stress that are easy, free and convenient. In my personal experience, I have done multiple techniques at once like going to a yoga class, and going on a green smoothie diet and I felt better the whole week. 

Everyone has stressful moments, but these moments can be subdued with natural methods.

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