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Becoming a chef 101: The college guide

Learning how to cook is a valuable skill that everyone should acquire for various reasons. When cooking at home, it becomes easier to eat healthy. On top of that, people can save money on food; not to mention, individuals know exactly what is going into their food. Cooking is no easy thing to master unless you’re making a bowl of cereal. 

I know all too well from experience how to ruin meals. I’ve set a couple of pans on fire, burnt several meals and still have not been able to cook the perfect egg. Eventually, I started to take cooking classes. Knowing how to cook a meal is rewarding, and opens one’s eyes to a world of accomplishable exquisite recipes. 

When going out to eat, the food is prepared by others, who normally add a lot of butter, salt and extra unnecessary oils for extra- unnecessary seasonings. While everyone can make substitutions to their meals when they are eating out, it’s not the same as cooking your own food. 

It is also an advantage to cook food on our own when someone has food allergies. Some people can respond very negatively to food allergies and that can cause someone to go into anaphylaxis. This does not happen to everyone, for instance I am lactose intolerant and when I ingest dairy products I feel extremely sick to my stomach. 

Another explanation why learning how to cook is so essential, is due to the fact that eating-in can save a large sum of money compared to always eating out. Going to the grocery store is quick, and has a variety of options that make it easy to get exactly what someone needs for certain recipes. 

In addition to buying items at the grocery store, a lot of the products purchased can be used to cook other meals. Not only does one save money by making their own food, but they even save time. Even at the quickest restaurants, it can take a while to get a table or get people the food they ordered.

While there are numerous amounts of advantages for being able to cook, some of the most skilled people in certain areas cannot cook to save their lives. The Daily Mail Reporter wrote a study stating one in three teenagers whom are going into college are unable to even boil an egg.

The study conducted by Sainsbury’s looked at teenagers going into college and came up with percentages of what some students could not accomplish. Examples include boiling an egg, making toast, cooking jacket potatoes and making a pot of tea. The numbers of how many students could not complete these tasks were astounding. Thirty percent could not boil an egg, 18 percent could not make toast properly, 30 percent could not cook a simple potato and 26 percent could not make a pot of tea. 

It’s better to start off learning how to make the small things like rice and steamed vegetables. Then explore more intricate food like stew or lasagna. When getting down the basics like preparing vegetables and certain meats, comes the rewarding parts, which is educating one’s self on making the food they want to create. 

There are plenty of places where an individual can take cooking classes in the Rohnert Park and Santa Rosa area. One of the places where it is possible to take cooking classes is Sur la Table located in Montgomery Village in Santa Rosa. 

Not only do they offer cooking classes, but they even offer specialized ones like a date night course, chocolate workshop and many more throughout the year. Another facility that offers cooking classes is the Santa Rosa Junior College, where they have a culinary arts program that when completed one receives a certificate. 

The classes that are offered look at cooking not only in a relaxing setting, but also a professional one. The courses are offered in a total of eight-week blocks and anyone can enter into the program. Some may even find they are so passionate about the culinary arts that they get a career in the field. 

There is an organization called “TakeLessons” where you can have a culinary teacher give you lessons in your home, online or in their studio. Classes or lessons for cooking is always beneficial, like watching a good cooking show on television or referring to YouTube. 

A cook is like an artist creating a delightful masterpiece, except they use different tools. While an artist has a studio and a paintbrush, a cook has a kitchen and a pan. There are many possibilities when choosing what to cook, it can be anywhere from a four- course meal to a simple salad. 

Preparing food for someone and have them say that the food was delicious can be a gratifying pleasure. There are many reasons why everyone should learn how to cook, but the most important is because at least one day in someone’s life they will need to cook eventually. 

So why not have them make something edible and delicious, rather than something tasteless or burnt.

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