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Senioritis is upon us

Senior year will be a walk in the park and classes will be a breeze for the rest of the year. 

It is not always necessary to go to every class and it won’t matter skipping a couple small assignments and not reading every textbook. 

It won’t make a difference if drinking with friends takes the place of studying for a test. After graduation, the job of my dreams will be waiting. 

Well, if only these carefree senior year examples were true. In reality, senior year is not all what it’s cracked up to be. 

Students need to make sure that they have met all their requirements, pass the Written English Proficiency Test exam normally done junior year, complete an internship and fill out graduation forms. 

Students need to make sure that they do not miss a single thing or else they cannot graduate. 

During this time, most students are stressed out about meeting all these requirements and passing the current classes that they are taking. 

These requirements mean completing general education, upper division general education, and doing all the necessary courses for an individual’s major. 

While there are a various amount of classes offered at Sonoma State University, it is hard to get the classes necessary to graduate. Seniors get to choose classes before freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, but it is still difficult to get classes. 

Since school has become more impacted, it makes it even trickier. 

Some students are only able to get classes because of being on a waitlist and other students dropping the class, or emailing the professor for an approval code. 

But lower and upper division general education courses are not the only thing students have to take into account. 

Completing all of the requirements for certain majors can be a very difficult task. For example, as a communications major, students have to take core classes in a certain order. 

When classes fill up or are offered at times when other important classes are offered, it is difficult to obtain that class. 

Communication majors are not the only students that face these challenges. Classes are not the only priority because students must complete an internship to graduate as well. 

Every major has a different amount of hours they need to have met for their internship. Internships can be fun and a great experience in the work force. They can be stressful as well, mainly if the student has a lot on their plate. 

Another aspect students must be on top of is filling out all the necessary forms. It’s very easy to miss a small thing on graduation form, but if it is not filled out correctly students cannot graduate. These forms must also be turned in by a certain time depending on when the student plans to graduate.

Then there is that undeniable feeling that some seniors get which is not wanting to go to class, putting off homework and going out to party instead of studying. 

Graduating from college is a great experience that students work hard to achieve. 

While many students want the perfect job right after school, that doesn’t always happen. In fact, not everyone goes into a career in the field that they majored in. 

While some students might not get the most glamorous job right after graduating, the only thing that really counts is that a person does something they enjoy. 

This could mean going to school to further one’s education, work for the family business or obtaining the job some students dreamed of doing as a child; no matter what path one follows, being happy is most important.


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