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California schools will start later in the morning with new law

Ryan Nop, Staff Writer December 22, 2019

Students in California will soon experience an opportunity to get more sleep. A new state law will be coming into play when all high schools will begin no earlier than 8:30 a.m. All middle schools will begin no later than 8 a.m.

PG&E CEO causes outrage with insensitive comments

Ryan Nop, Staff Writer December 22, 2019

As firefighters in California are still battling the remains of the California wildfires, The CEO of PG&E also known as Pacific Gas and Electric Co. Bill Johnson on Friday said struggling Californians still have their houses because of the blackouts coordinated by PG&E. This caused a lot of outrage from people.

Gym dress codes are misogynistic and unnecessary

Ryan Nop, Staff Writer December 22, 2019

Fresno State is reviewing the gym dress code policy after a female student complaining about an incident that happened earlier this year when a staff member asked her to “cover up” while she was...

New York kidnappings highlight violence against sex workers

Ryan Nop, Staff Writer December 22, 2019

A New York man who authorities say has a tendency to commit violence against female sex workers was arrested on Friday. Andrew Frey,54, from Long Island was taken into federal custody early Friday morning and is being held without bail. Neighbors told NBC New York they saw the SWAT team at Andrew’s home. The evidence they collected from his home included rope, zip ties, and manuals on knot tying.


Spongebob cartoon seen as controversial by many

Ryan Nop, Staff Writer October 23, 2019

Spongebob Squarepants is everyone’s favorite sponge who lives under the sea. Recently the show just celebrated its 20th anniversary. But, there is one person that does not think so highly of Spongebob. A professor from the University of Washington is not a fan of Spongebob.


Dangerous internet challenge injured yet another child

Ryan Nop, Staff Writer October 16, 2019

A 12-year-old boy was badly burned after a friend set him on fire because of a social media stunt called the “fire challenge.” Tabitha Cleary, the mother of Jason, said he suffered a second-degree burn after a friend sprayed him with nail polish remover and set him on fire. Jason was then hospitalized for four days after the incident that happened at his friend’s house on Saturday. 


College athletes can now be paid through endorsements

Ryan Nop, Staff Writer October 7, 2019

NCCA athletes could be getting paid under new California Law. For years, it has been a big rule that student-athletes in college should not be paid. On October 1st, everything changed. Governor Gavin Newson has signed a new bill to allow college athletes to hire agents and make money off endorsements, and this new law is meant to take effect in 2023. Under the California law, thousands of athletes will be allowed to promote products and companies for the first time ever. 


In follow-up: ‘Spider-Man’ is returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Ryan Nop, Staff Writer October 2, 2019

Last month, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Walt Disney Studios could not come to an agreement to keep “Spider-Man” with Marvel. But, in surprising fashion for many, the two have reached an agreement to keep the “Spider-Man” series going. No typos here: indeed, “Spider-Man” will be staying with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as recently announced on Sept. 27. 

Consent, Please! brings call to action for consent culture

Ryan Nop, Staff Writer September 25, 2019

Practically everyone learns about consent, and non-consent, from the time they were born until the time they are on a college campus. But, with the spike in sexual assaults on college campuses across the country, an integral question needs addressing now more than ever: what have people of the demographic really learned about consent? As this question and those of the like are addressed at Sonoma State’s “Consent, Please! A Call to Action for Consent Culture” meeting, held on Sept. 17, the workshop equips students with a better understanding of consent and its looming implications in a society proving lackluster on the matter. 


‘It’s a Guy Thing’: ‘topics we need to talk about’

Ryan Nop, Staff Writer September 18, 2019

An honest meeting on masculinity that ditches pursuit of feminism or orientation: “It’s a Guy Thing,” held on Thursday, Sept. 12 at the University Student Center’s “The Hub,” opens a dialogue on men’s roles in modern society--establishing a judgement-free zone for students to reflect upon themselves with others. 


Double Decker, ASP free bowling night: the event that cannot go unforgotten as the year continues

Ryan Nop, Staff Writer September 11, 2019

Double Decker Lanes, the premier bowling alley in Sonoma County located at 300 Golf Course Dr., Rohnert Park, hosted a free bowling night for the students of Sonoma State University on Sept. 5. As the event only lasts from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m., even students arriving early to the bowling alley’s widely popular event notice the huge line stretching out the door, winding its way around the building. Upon entry with student I.D., free admission is granted; with bowling shoes aplenty, the event showcased flocks of students eager to enjoy the night ahead. 


‘Look Mom I can Fly’: Netflix’s look into Travis Scott’s carousel ride of life

Ryan Nop, Staff Writer September 4, 2019

Travis Scott is one of Hip-Hop’s most popular rappers today--beyond his engaging stage presence, Scott is widely regarded as a prime exemplifier of an artist that truly aims to ensure every fan at the show is safe and equally engaged, too. Appropriately, the underlying facets of Scott’s wildly followed success story are presented in the new Netflix documentary dubbed “Look Mom I Can Fly.” Highlighting the life of Scott, the documentary came out on Aug. 28 at midnight. 

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