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SSU athletics hosts yearly 100 for 100 fundraiser

Daniel Dinerman, staff writer December 8, 2021

As the collegiate sports seasons wind down for the Winter and athletes begin putting their fullest focus on crushing their finals instead of opponents, the 100 for 100 fundraiser provides some friendly competition between the different teams on campus. The fundraiser is organized yearly by SSU’s athletics department in order to help cover various fees for various teams for years to come.


All “a-boat” the rowing club

Daniel Dinerman, staff writer December 1, 2021

At Sonoma State, club sports are the saving grace for students looking to stay active, but not looking to commit to a jam-packed schedule. The SSU rowing club is no exception, as it provides a space for students to represent their school as athletes while maintaining a social life at the same time.


Athlete Spotlight of the Week: Kiana Richardson

Daniel Dinerman, staff writer November 17, 2021

As SSU enters the final months of the Fall semester, staff and students alike are rushing to finish their workloads in time for the holiday season. As for SSU’s student athletes that have been competing all semester, they’re beginning to see the final stretches of their seasons on top of all their classes and other responsibilities. Kiana Richardson of the women’s volleyball team, who is about to start their final playoff tournament this Tuesday, is no exception.


MMA club fights for their place on campus

Daniel Dinerman, staff writer November 2, 2021

Transitioning between online and in-person activities has caused many changes for clubs and organizations throughout Sonoma State’s campus, including the termination of countless outlets for student involvement and enriching activities. With more students on campus, student run clubs and organizations are starting to provide students with more opportunities to socialize and interact with fellow students. The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Club has battled against numerous restrictions and hardships that required the club to switch from the Jiu jitsu club to MMA.


Climate change: A global health crisis

Daniel Dinerman, staff writer October 26, 2021

Dealing with wildfire, drought, and other effects of climate change has become the new normal for most students and faculty at Sonoma State. Things like evacuations, mandated water usage, scheduled power outages and the never-ending worry have become normal as Fall approaches each year. The bottom line is, climate change isn’t something to be swept under the rug any longer, as it is slowly becoming the world’s leading health crisis.


Intramural sports continue at the Recreation Center

Daniel Dinerman, staff writer October 19, 2021

In an effort to bring a sense of normalcy and community back to campus while also keeping staff and students safe, the Sonoma State Recreation Center is scheduled to hold three tournaments in conjunction to intramural sports this semester, one of which, solo table tennis, has already passed. This leaves the billiards tournament, which is an individual competition, and the team volleyball tournament. These are the last two organized competition events that will be held in the Recreation Center this semester.


SSU men’s golf team takes on the Wildcat Classic

Daniel Dinerman, staff writer October 12, 2021

As one of the only acceptable socially distanced activities during the reign of COVID-19, it has become no surprise that golf has recently blown up as a recreational activity for all to enjoy. Open grass fields, peaceful settings and a laid back etiquette are what encompasses the age old game for us recreational golfers.


FBI Special Agent and local police speak to students for “Black and Brown in Blue” event

Daniel Dinerman, staff writer October 6, 2021

On Weds. Sept. 29, 2021, Daryl Thornton, former FBI special agent paired up with Sonoma State University’s chief of police Nader Oweis, in the first campus oriented event, Conversations with Black and Brown in Blue. Thornton is the chief administrative officer for the St. John Church of Grand Prairie & Southlake Texas, he was the first black man to serve as a class president in the FBI academy and he has held various positions throughout the country including management experience at BELO and the Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport, and served as a field officer for over a decade. With such a varied background, the focus of the lecture series was to provide students a chance to not only speak up in conversations about police, but to also attempt to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the rest of our communities so we can create a more inclusive community down the road.


SSU highlights local wineries with wine club on campus

Daniel Dinerman, staff writer September 29, 2021

When it comes to wine on campus, students have the ability to access the Wine Spectator building and take a look at the living and growing grape vines that line up outside of the building. However, do students have the ability to actually enjoy and learn about the precious fruits of our land and truly experience the wines that come from a result of our location? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, wine on-campus has been a difficulty to find. However in the near future, our Sonoma County wines will become something for students to enjoy, learn about, and have access to with the Wine Club on-campus.


SSU welcomes Jewish students to embrace culture on campus

Daniel Dinerman, staff writer September 21, 2021

For a Jewish member of the Seawolf community, September is a busy month that holds multiple holidays highlighting and remembering different events, from tragic hardships to the Jewish New Year. Like all Jewish holidays, Rosh Hashanah starts the night before the actual holiday date, and goes until the night after. As a result, the holiday started Sept. 6 and went until nightfall Sept. 8. This holiday was celebrated by Seawolves in the Magnolia Park as a part of the Shabbat event put on by the Jewish Club on campus, Hillel.


Culinary Services partners with Grubhub and makes other updates

Daniel Dinerman, staff writer September 14, 2021

As students return to school, we begin the transition from our virtual pandemic lifestyle at home, back to the busy and bustling on-campus life at Sonoma State. While things seem to be changing almost every day, classes have picked up and turned busy for all students overnight. However, one thing stays the same: Seawolves are hungry. While many students would stumble into The Kitchens at late hours or hit Lobos, looking for a nice restaurant feel whilst maintaining the college budget, many new students will need to wait for their favorite food places on campus to open up.

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