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All-State Music Education Conference brings educators and students together

Several students from the Sonoma State National Association for Music Education collegiate chapter along with faculty from the Music Education program represented Sonoma State University at this year’s annual California All-State Music Education Conference. The conference is attended by thousands of music educators and students from all across California.


Santa Rosa’s parking garage is getting a makeover

The city of Santa Rosa is on the hunt for local North Bay artists to submit their ideas to fill the space on the downtown facing Fifth Street parking garage. The makeover of this space adds to the many murals and art installations seen across Sonoma County and hopes to draw more people to the area.


Sci-Fi at Sonoma State

Sondra Ottenstein, Staff Writer February 24, 2021

The creation of the cell phone in the 1970s was inspired by the ‘Star Trek’ communicator, the first liquid fueled rocket came to life after its inventor read HG Wells’ ‘War of The Worlds.’ Science fiction has played a role in the creation of science and technology for decades. While art and science might seem like an unlikely pair, Sonoma State University’s Arts and Humanities school sees the value in the work being done through science fiction and has rolled out a sci-fi focus connecting the Humanities and Science.


‘Spring Awakening’ open tomorrow

Sondra Ottenstein, Staff Writer February 16, 2021

Last year when the pandemic hit, the world seemed to come to a screeching halt, at least it felt that way for the entertainment industry. Movie theaters, art galleries, theaters and every other form of entertainment and mental stimulation seemed to disappear. The hopes of getting dressed up and going to a movie, art gallery, play or musical dissipated and everyone came to terms with being inside, at home, with streaming sites like Netflix.


Local art colors Sonoma County

Sondra Ottenstein, Staff Writer February 10, 2021

Vibrant dripping rainbows consume the side of the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma. A spineless cactus intertwined with a latex balloon snake stands sixty feet tall on the Roseland Silos. The portrait of a young Pomo man posing in traditional regalia painted in an alley on Santa Rosa Ave. These are just some of the murals on display online at the Sonoma State Art Gallery that give color and life to Sonoma County.


Get ready to smash with Sonoma State Esports

Sondra Ottenstein, Staff Writer February 3, 2021

“The best kind of chaotic, we all love the games we play and get insanely hyped,” is how Morgan Whitelaw from the Super Smash Club describes the Smash tournaments. Lobofest along with the Smash Brothers Club will host a Smash tournament online this Friday, Feb. 5. All students are welcome and encouraged to register to play against each other online allowing students to engage with each other in a time where playing together in person is not possible.

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