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California set to lose Congressional seat after 2020 Census results

In the upcoming year, California is set to lose one seat in the House of Congress. The state is set to lose a seat because the population has failed to grow to a certain point in the past 10 years, making California lose its first seat in its 170 years of existence. This change was recently announced by the U.S Census Bureau and it means that in 2022, California will contest 52 House of Representatives seats, and will lose an electoral vote in the 2024 and oncoming elections.

Windsor Mayor refuses to resign but steps back from active role

Quinn McKibbin, Staff Writer April 21, 2021

The month of April has been an emotional rollercoaster for community members in the town of Windsor. Almost two weeks ago the Mayor, Dominic Foppoli, was accused by five women of sexual assault or rape dating back over 15 years. Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli has been on the Windsor Town Council since 2014. The 38-year-old politician and winery owner has most recently denied all allegations of sexual abuse made against him. The San Francisco Chronicle broke the original story of sexual abuse on April 8 after intensely investigating the claims of four women. Two additional women stepped forward in the coming weeks.

CDC updates travel restrictions, sending mixed messages

Quinn McKibbin, Staff Writer April 14, 2021

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has been releasing many updates throughout the pandemic, but the newest update says that fully vaccinated people can travel internationally or domestically through air, as long as they wear a mask.

That means that If you’ve had your COVID-19 vaccination, you can skip any type of COVID related tests or self quarantine when traveling, as long as the country you’re traveling to allows it also.

Overdoses at all time high, fentanyl to blame

Quinn McKibbin, Staff Writer April 7, 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing requirements linger on over a year later, overdose rates have risen over 20% in the past couple years. Isolation, stress and financial hardships are reported as main contributors to the problem.

Of 102 overdoses in Sonoma County in 2020, 94 involved the synthetic opioid fentanyl.

Stimulus checks arrive for millons of Americans, students included this round

Quinn McKibbin, Staff Writer March 30, 2021

American’s making under $120,000 per year have begun receiving their third rounds of stimulus checks or are slated to receive them shortly after months of onerous deliberations from Congress. While the stimulus checks came much later than some Americans hoped for, students in particular were thankful for this round of checks after many of them being excluded from the first two rounds of checks.

The 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will host no foreign spectators

Quinn McKibbin, Staff Writer March 17, 2021

The Summer 2021 Olympics, already postponed from 2020, is experiencing yet another hiccup. Japan’s Government officials decided to ban foreign spectators from watching the event being held in Tokyo at the end of July

The Summer Olympics will officially start on July 23rd, and officially end on August 8th. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Olympics had been postponed for the first time since World War 2. With Japan’s prior Olympic hosting experience, officials in Japan are working hard to abide by COVID-19 guidelines to ensure a safe Summer Olympics is going to happen.


DroneSeed addresses reforestation through drone swarms

Quinn McKibbin, Staff Writer March 10, 2021

If you are interested in doing your part in saving the environment, as well as reforestation, the Computer Science Colloquium is hosting online zoom seminars for Seawolves. ‘Addressing Climate Change Through Drone Swarms’ is free to attend, every Weds. from 12-12:50pm through Seawolf Living.


Geology professor hosts rockin’ event

Quinn McKibbin, Staff Writer March 2, 2021

If you are interested in geology and different types of rocks, Professor and Geology Department head Nicole Myers will be hosting monthly online Zoom lectures. These lectures, titled ‘Dig Into Nature: The Rock Beneath Your Feet’, will focus on rock formations and geology.


DREAM Center hosts virtual workshop

Quinn McKibbin, Staff Writer February 24, 2021

The DREAM center will be hosting a virtual workshop for immigration policies in collaboration with Dream Centers and undocumented students programs across CSUs in Northern California monthly.


Seawolves Speak: How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?

Quinn McKibbin, Staff Writer February 17, 2021

With Valentine’s Day being one for the history books this year, it’s time for Seawolves to start planning activities to do to celebrate. With California’s shutdowns being up in the air, students are forced to adapt and come up with plan B’s and C’s to spend with their loved ones or friends.


Scholarships available through Associated Students

Quinn McKibbin, Staff Writer February 10, 2021

If you have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher, you may be eligible for 1 of 20 $500 scholarships! Associated Students of Sonoma State University will be giving out 20 available $500 scholarships to all students. Applications are open now with a deadline on March 5th, 2021.

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