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Best Housing on Campus: Tuscany Village

Looking for the best place to spend your upperclassmen years? According to our readers, Tuscany may be the spot.  

‘Comedy of Errors’ still entertains, delights

Micaelyn Richmeier, News Editor April 29, 2014

Even 400 years later, thine defecation is most amusing. Despite casting issues resulting from a last minute illness and unscripted traipses across the stage, director Dario Tangelson’s production of Shakespeare’s “A Comedy of Errors” was exactly that – full of good-humored confusion and great laughs.

Best Getaway: Bodega Bay

Trying to get away for the weekend and get back to nature? The small town of Bodega Bay is only 45 minutes away from Sonoma State, and features a variety of beaches, camping grounds and other tourist attractions such as taffy and kite shops. 


Sweet transvestites invade stage

Micaelyn Richmeier, News Editor November 5, 2013

On Halloween night, the 6th Street Playhouse in Santa Rosa was packed with vampires, wizards, and sweet transvestites for the midnight performance of “The Rocky Horror Show.” 


Government shutdown ends, new battle to begin January

Micaelyn Richmeier, News Editor October 22, 2013

After 16 days of political brinkmanship, an 11th-hour bill was agreed upon by Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama, ending the government shutdown and raising the debt ceiling.

Chancellor addresses issues facing Cal State system

Micaelyn Richmeier, News Editor October 1, 2013

The last few years have brought many changes to the CSU system, and it is possible that this year may bring more. As the voice of the CSU system in Sacramento, Chancellor Timothy P. White is at the forefront of many such changes, and on Friday held his quarterly press conference to discuss what may be in store for this academic year, as well as answer student questions. 


Sports Management increases athletics support

Micaelyn Richmeier, News Editor September 24, 2013

Relations between SSU and the surrounding Rohnert Park community have been somewhat rocky to say the least. But with new initiatives from the Sports Management Group, Sonoma State’s athletics may hold the key to bridging that gap. 


New program designed to help sophomores

Micaelyn Richmeier, News Editor September 10, 2013

The freshman year experience is often a turbulent and dynamic time period, and many programs have been implemented that are designed to help students through such a transitory period. 


Mayor Stafford answers student questions in exclusive Q&A

Micaelyn Richmeier, News Editor September 10, 2013

On Sept. 3, Mayor Pam Stafford of Rohnert Park visited the STAR class for an exclusive Q&A session with the staff and helped to clear up much of the controversy surrounding various topics such as the 120-day ordinance and Greek housing. 


Rohnert Park family receives state resolution

Micaelyn Richmeier, News Editor August 27, 2013

Over 165 years ago, six families made the dangerous trek across the Sierra Mountains in covered wagons arriving only three weeks before the ill-fated Donner Party. Now, almost 200 years later, one of their direct descendants is still living on and farming the land that his ancestors bought so many years ago. 

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