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School of Extended Education awards 240 scholarships

Lucy Lopez, Staff Writer December 14, 2016

According to an article in the New York Times most students don’t graduate on time. On average only about 19 percent of full-time students who attend public universities graduate within four years.

According to Sonoma State University’s website, 55.5 percent of students graduate within a reasonable time (3-6 years).


Student finds niche in communications department

Lucy Lopez, Staff Writer November 30, 2016

Being a college student isn’t always an easy task, but are some students who go above and beyond to make their college years memorable. Jenna Valle-Riestra is in her third year as a Communication Studies major. In those three years she has been involved with many organizations on campus.


Advising for students, by students

Lucy Lopez, Staff Writer November 8, 2016

Registration for spring semester is just around the corner. As students prepare themselves for the stressful week, there are resources on campus that can help ease some of that stress.

Mock Interviews help career development

Lucy Lopez, Staff Writer October 24, 2016

Students go to school in order to gain a degree and be able to pursue their future career. 

Part of obtaining a career is being able to utilize the skills you have and apply them in the work field.  Resume building and prepping for interviews requires some help and practice.

Bill McKibben to speak on environmentalism

Lucy Lopez, Staff Writer October 18, 2016

People have contaminated Earth to the point where the government had to build a giant spaceship as an alternative to living on earth. This is the description of Disney’s "Wall-e," but according to Bill Mckibben’s talks about sustainability, we aren’t that far away from this being our reality.


Program helps deliver art to classrooms

Lucy Lopez, Staff Writer October 11, 2016

This past year Sonoma State University’s Arts Integration program has helped more than 48 different courses on campus by combining academics disciplines with live art. Over $45,000 worth of tickets have been reserved for Sonoma State students at the Green Music Center. These tickets are part of the schools’ Arts Integration program that will allow academic classes to attend some events. 


Shawn Mendes illuminates the music industry

Lucy Lopez, Staff Writer September 26, 2016

Heartthrob sensation Shawn Mendes has had a great start to fame. Just a little over a year ago he released his first album, “Handwritten” which instantly brought him fame. Before his rise to fame, Mendes was just a teenager from Canada posting videos of song covers online. From there he signed with Island Records and began his career. Right off the bat he was compared to Justin Bieber and some people consider him to be the ‘new Bieber,’ but his music says otherwise. 


Remembering Tupac after 20 years

Lucy Lopez, Staff Writer September 19, 2016

Anniversaries are usually meant to be celebrated, but the twentieth anniversary of Tupac Shakur is a bittersweet one. He was know for some of his top hits such as “California Love”, “Dear Mama”, “Hit Em Up”, and many others. According to Rolling Stone, Tupac was often described as a gangster or thug which can be defined as “a violent person, especially a criminal” according to the Oxford Dictionary. Through his upbringing and his career Tupac redefined this term into “a man who triumphs over systematic and societal obstacles.”


Gavin DeGraw doesn’t want to be anywhere but the GMC

Lucy Lopez, Staff Writer September 12, 2016

American musician and singer-songwriter Gavin DeGraw gave an outstanding performance on Sunday at Sonoma State University’s Green Music Center. Degraw opened the show by singing one of his top hits “Chariot.” One could feel DeGraw’s enthusiastic energy as he sang. 


Chris Brown in police custody again

Lucy Lopez, Staff Writer September 5, 2016

Multi-platinum artist Chris Brown can’t seem to catch a break from his bad boy reputation. According to CNN, Brown was arrested at home earlier this week due to suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Shortly after, police obtained a search warrant and spent several hours searching Brown’s home. Brown was then processed and booked, posting bail quickly. Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos turned to Twitter to defend his client. He posted a tweet stating  the allegations were false, but he and his client are fully cooperating.


Harley Quinn and the Joker romanticize domestic abuse

Lucy Lopez, Staff Writer August 30, 2016

Relationship goals. What are they exactly? Well, it seems to be the one of the top trending phrases of 2016 especially since the release of “Suicide Squad.” People are infatuated with the relationship Harley Quinn and the Joker have, but don’t seem to take into consideration that a majority of that relationship consists of domestic violence.

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