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Student crashes into 7-Eleven

Gillian Chaffer, Staff Writer April 16, 2019

A Sonoma State student drunkenly crashed into the 7-Eleven on E. Cotati Ave. early Saturday morning.


Sonoma County not a stranger to human trafficking

Gillian Chaffer, Staff Writer December 5, 2018

A girl is heading home from San Diego on a pleasant summer evening, enjoying the breeze from her open windows when an old, beat up car catches up to her. The driver is an older man with sunglasses on and a bandana tied around his neck. The girl speeds up, and so does he. Realizing a dead end is coming up, the girl quickly pulls in, but the man uses his car to block her from getting out.


Alternative medicine: the answer to big pill manufacturers

Gillian Chaffer, Staff Writer November 13, 2018

Alternative medicine has been around since the dawn of time, however major medical companies often pressure to us to try their products to heal our ailments. The fact is, many natural remedies are available for individuals to rid of issues they are experiencing.


Transgenderism at odds with Trump administration

Gillian Chaffer, Staff Writer November 7, 2018

Those who identify as transgender are far from being seen as equal, and the current political climate is making these individuals feel even more in the dark. One issue that many of these people face is the discrimination against them due to the lack of education and understanding on different gender and orientation identities.


Circumcision practice infringes on human rights

Gillian Chaffer, Staff Writer October 17, 2018

In the United States, male circumcision is seen as normal, desirable and expected. In different countries, however, circumcising babies is not a common practice, and is seen a more invasive procedure. 

Female circumcision, also known as female genital mutilation, or simply, “cutting,” is when part or all of the external area of a woman’s genitals are sewn up or removed.


Kavanaugh case marks new highs and lows for sexual assault rollercoaster

Gillian Chaffer, Staff Writer October 10, 2018

The Kavanaugh case has been an emotional roller coaster for Democrats and Republicans alike, causing protests, new hashtags like #HimToo, and a divide throughout the country. This event has triggered conversation about sexual assault, as well as discussing the importance of holding individuals accountable for their actions.

Both sides have strong arguments as for why or why not they support Kavanaugh—and it goes way beyond two political parties disagreeing on a candidate.


Psychedelics join fight against mental illness

Gillian Chaffer, Staff Writer October 3, 2018

Drugs of all kinds remain a controversial subject, but psychedelics in particular, are very taboo. With its rise in popularity dating back to the “hippie” era of the 60s and 70s, hallucinogens like LSD and magic mushrooms have been the inspiration behind many songs and fashion trends. 

Though many look down upon the impact of psychedelic drugs on society, many have proven to give positive experiences to those going through illness.


Model life festered with dangers

Gillian Chaffer, Staff Writer September 26, 2018

For many young girls, the idea of becoming a fashion model is far-fetched, but still desired. Many models are looked up to for their seemingly perfect bodies and beauty they possess. However, behind the camera is a very intense lifestyle that most do not see, and this lifestyle is not always positive. 

To say that modeling is extremely competitive is an understatement. The entire industry is based upon who has the prettiest face, the smallest waist, the best walk, etc. Full-time models feel the stresses of maintaining a slender body so they can book more gigs.


Lack of knowledge leads to lack of safe sex

Gillian Chaffer, Staff Writer September 19, 2018

For many, the American sex education system is not only an uncomfortable and awkward journey, but also a problematic one. Many students that are put through different health classes meant to educate them on the nature of sex come out confused, uneducated, and with potentially the wrong information.


New vape debate sparks same song and dance

Gillian Chaffer, Staff Writer September 12, 2018

Vaping has taken off as a new way for people to enjoy the experience of smoking without the dangerous effects of tobacco, an obvious culprit for cancer. Many electronic cigarette companies claim that vapes are a safer alternative to cigarettes. However, many of these products are just as bad, if not worse, than traditional cigarettes. 

With a lack of reliable and consistent research on these products, the dangers can be high, or potentially unknown for many young smokers. 


Porn industry at odds with questionable ethics

Gillian Chaffer, Staff Writer September 5, 2018

Individuals will constantly bring up all of the negative impacts of pornography on those who watch it, like addiction and problems with romantic relationships. However, those being harmed are not necessarily the consumers; they are the ones in front of the camera, who could likely be involved in human trafficking.


Dairy industry’s dishonesty comes at a crucial price

Gillian Chaffer, Staff Writer August 31, 2018

The dairy industry is lying to you. 

Companies like Horizon, Foster Farms, and Nestle are using fear tactics and images of happy cows to persuade you into believing that milk can be beneficial. Not only are these companies being manipulative, but they also lie to consumers.

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