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High school student arrested for fake gun threat

Ashley Gieseke, Staff Writer April 23, 2019

A high school student was arrested for posting a picture of a gun to Snapchat with the caption “Don’t go to school tomorrow.”


Rollover crash, possible DUI on Camino Colegio

Ashley Gieseke, Staff Writer April 9, 2019

The latest in a string of reckless DUIs in Sonoma County severely injured the driver, although no one else was hurt in the crash.


AS candidate: Breana Archie

Ashley Gieseke, Staff Writer April 2, 2019

Breana Archie is running for the empty AS presidency. Voting happens from April 8 - 9.


AS President graduating after one term

Ashley Gieseke, Staff Writer March 12, 2019

Carley Chatterley has served one term as AS President, stepping in for the previously-elected Manny Ojeda, who was removed from the role.


Rohnert Park hires new police chief

Ashley Gieseke, Staff Writer February 27, 2019

Tim Mattos will replace the interim police chief.


Storms rock Sonoma County and surrounding areas

Ashley Gieseke, Staff Writer February 19, 2019

Sonoma County, and California in general, received record totals of rain and snow last week.

Propositions facing backlash

Ashley Gieseke, Staff Writer January 30, 2019

The passing of Proposition 47, 57, and Assembly Bill 109 have been something that has been up for debate for nearly five years now in the state of California. These propositions, which many view as extremely controversial, are potentially to blame for a large number of violent crimes that have taken place in the state over the last few years, leading many to wonder if the state should reconsider their enactment.  

Sonoma State alum gifts $100,000 to CAPS in honor of professor

Ashley Gieseke, Staff Writer December 12, 2018

The class in particular that Nussbaum took with Geurtsen was called “ Personal Awareness through Sports”. At the time of the course, Nussbaum was a tennis player at the university and this class really stuck out to him. This class really changed Nussbaum’s life. It was a topic that he realized he truly enjoyed along with him creating a friendship with a professor that he never imagined. 


Sonoma State offering free rides to polling place

Ashley Gieseke, Staff Writer November 6, 2018

Student Involvement staff will be driving students around in order to make sure they can vote. This will take place Tuesday Nov 6 from 12 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. and those needing a ride are being asked to meet at the flagpole. After they are picked up they will be taken to the local elementary school–Monte Vista, which is about a mile from campus. It is the only polling place in Rohnert Park There is no RSVP or registration necessary to participate, you just have to show up and be ready to cast your vote.

Sonoma State officials undergo emergency training

Ashley Gieseke, Staff Writer October 31, 2018

The training involved many different scenarios, such as if the university needs to shelter people or if the power or cell reception goes out. They simulated a large earthquake hitting campus.


A year since the fires

Ashley Gieseke, Staff Writer October 9, 2018

For eight days, as many as 14 fires ripped through 245,000 acres across four counties, leaving more than 6,000 homes and other structures destroyed. Forty-four people died, including 24 in Sonoma County. Eighty Sonoma State staff or students lost their homes.


More plans for Stevenson remodel announced

Ashley Gieseke, Staff Writer September 13, 2018

This renovation project is expected to start by the fall of 2020. In May of 2020 there will be a surge design and construction will start in full affect in June. The project is set to be completed by March of 2022 and move in day is in July of 2022. The budget for the entire renovation project is $108 million

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