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A lack of representation on the SSU campus

Ana Fingerson, Staff Writer May 2, 2023

When entering Sonoma State either as a student or faculty member, one of the first promises the school assures is a place of acceptance no matter who you are as an individual. Although that assurance allows incoming students to feel safe and excited for their new journey, many feel that promise is brushed off as their time at SSU continues. 

Fentanyl crisis leads to preventative measures

Ana Fingerson, Staff Writer March 21, 2023

The weekend comes around, students are partying, having fun and often using drugs and other substances. But hopefully they are taking into consideration certain dangers that they may face in doing so. But what about the ones that lie unnoticed? How do you look and watch out for something you can’t feel, see, smell, or taste?

Overturning Roe v. Wade will cause more harm than good

Ana Fingerson, Staff Writer May 11, 2022

The American government has once again shown its inconsistency revolving around certain topics. Abortion has been and still is one of the biggest issues that divides Americans. It’s a choice between moral and tradition or someone’s safety and choice. In a country that prides itself on liberation, choosing on behalf of another shows how the legislators are using their power in an unfortunate way.

Dispensaries: Inaccessible and unwelcoming environments

Ana Fingerson, Staff Writer April 28, 2022

Cannabis dispensaries are making way for more freedom and an easier time buying weed but these products not being accessible in store only influence the discomfort it brings.

America’s sex education standards need to be amended

Ana Fingerson, Staff Writer April 20, 2022

Today, sexual education is only required in 29 states in the United States of America. Out of those 29, only 13 require accurate sex ed to be taught. It was only recently that California, one of the more progressive states, started requiring comprehensive sex ed. In 2016, the state passed a law mandating it in all public schools, but is this enough?


Book bans: Do they censor important topics?

Ana Fingerson, Staff Writer April 5, 2022

Throughout time, book banning has occurred across the globe, influenced by society and major events happening at the time. In 1954 Mickey Mouse comics were banned in East Berlin due to theories that Mickey was an “anti-Red rebel”. In 1807, Dr. Thomas Bowlder, an English physician, revised and put out “modest” editions of Shakespeare’s work. Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” was banned by the governor of Hunan Province in China in 1931 because he said putting animals and humans on the same level was disastrous.


SSU acts passively on asbestos concerns

Ana Fingerson, Staff Writer March 30, 2022

It’s no secret that Sonoma State University has been ignoring the presence of asbestos throughout campus. The SSU community has been notified of exposure on a yearly basis for the past seven years. It started in 2015 when Thomas Sargant, a former SSU employee, noticed a chalky substance on the roof of the physical education building. He reported it to the department director, who made a negligent decision to only cover it in paint. Sargent showed concern when instead of hiring a trained contractor to clean the roof beforehand, the department director ordered a maintenance worker to disperse it with a leafblower.

Cotati and Rohnert Park educators go on strike

Ana Fingerson, Staff Writer March 15, 2022

Cotati-Rohnert Park educators started protesting for better wages and a multi-year raise on Tuesday, Mar. 8 at a four-hour school board meeting. The strikes began on Thursday, Mar. 10, and Friday, Mar. 11 in Rohnert Park.

Thursday morning, over 300 teachers, dressed in red, were met by students, staff, custodians, food service workers, parents, and community members on the picket line to show their support to the teachers. Due to the strike, many schools across the district had staffing issues both Thursday and Friday, causing a demand for substitute teachers and in many cases, classes being canceled.

Failure to update change of address could result in a hefty fine for students

Ana Fingerson, Staff Writer March 8, 2022

Concerns revolving around the rights of drivers who are university students in Sonoma County are rising. Students and residents have been reporting getting pulled over by Highway Patrol and getting fix-it tickets for not having their addresses updated.

These drivers were pulled over for other traffic violations but the address issues were noticed during the traffic stop. Fortunately for these people they were let off with a warning for the initial violation but did face consequences for not having updated information.

Those given a ticket were shocked because they had not known how much of a priority it was to do the address change once moved. California drivers do not seem to be educated on the issue.

PG&E faces 30 criminal charges for 2019 Kincade fire

Ana Fingerson, Staff Writer March 1, 2022

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. is currently facing over 30 charges related to the 2019 Kincade fire which, “ignited when equipment broke on a high-voltage transmission tower in a fire-prone area of the Mayacamas Mountains. Prosecutors accused the company of reckless conduct in its operation of the tower and also charged it with environmental crimes stemming from the fire’s noxious smoke.” stated Julie Johnson, a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Sonoma County prosecutors began laying out evidence and pursuing criminal charges against PG&E this month, on Feb. 8 and 9. However, Judge Mark Urioste offered Sonoma County and PG&E more time to allow for an agreement that would settle the case.

Associated Students prepare Seawolves for upcoming election

Ana Fingerson, Staff Writer February 23, 2022

Sonoma State University’s Associated Students (AS) is holding elections for the new 2022 Senate Executive Board of Directors.

As described on the university’s website, Associated Students, is a “student-run auxiliary providing programs and services to enhance the lives of students”, while the senate, “serves as the ultimate management authority of the corporation and are elected from amongst and by the members (all regularly enrolled students of the university) of the organization.”

Asbestos announcement raises concern among SSU community

Ana Fingerson, Staff Writer February 15, 2022

On Feb. 4 an announcement was sent out notifying the entire Sonoma State University community of asbestos found in multiple places on campus.

SSU’s Interim Senior Director of Risk Management, Emergency Services, and Campus Safety Operations, Missy Brunetta, released the statement along with a list of buildings and descriptions of the asbestos-containing construction materials.

The buildings included; the Art Department, boiler plant, Carson Hall, Children’s School, Facilities Management, International Hall, Ives Hall, PE Building, Nichols Hall, Zinfandel, residential halls, classrooms, Wine Institute, track, and the Student Health Center.

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