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New Resource Center aimed to be one stop shop for academic help

Samantha Sinatra, Staff Writer April 24, 2018

When Scott Miller, director of the Sonoma State University Writing Center, began his career at Sonoma State in 1997, he saw the Writing Center sprout in a little cubicle in Salazar Hall, which what was once the library. In 2000, it was housed in the new Schultz Library, on the second floor where the DVD Central section now stands, and eventually moved to its most recent space, on the first floor of the library.


Incoming freshmen guaranteed housing for the first time

Samantha Sinatra, Staff Writer April 18, 2018

Sonoma State University can now be added to the list of colleges that guarantee housing to first time freshmen, beginning for students committing to come here in the fall of 2018.

Culinary Services employees react to proposed California plastic straw law

Samantha Sinatra, Staff Writer April 18, 2018

Ordering a drink and receiving it without a straw is becoming more popular at restaurant venues throughout California. Sonoma State University is beginning to initiate steps in regards to a recent...

Students find grieving place after Florida school shooting

Samantha Sinatra, Staff Writer March 7, 2018

Due to the most recent school shooting that occurred at Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, students at Sonoma State University have all reacted to this tragedy differently. Everyone grieves...


It’s time for women to reclaim their body hair

Samantha Sinatra, Staff Writer February 28, 2018

The words “body hair” bring about countless negative connotations directed at women. The thought that women could even have as much body hair as men is almost appalling to some, even though it’s a natural function of growth in the human body. 


It’s time to help the homeless

Samantha Sinatra, Staff Writer February 21, 2018

Discharging or “dumping” the homeless from hospitals right back on the streets has become an ongoing societal problem that needs to change.  With nowhere to go, no safe place to heal, and no one that seems to care, the homeless are often put into a washing machine cycle of going in and out of the hospital.


New generations are making old technology trendy again

Samantha Sinatra, Staff Writer February 14, 2018

You’re sitting in class and suddenly your ringtone blares. With embarrassment, you reach to pull out your new Apple flip phone from the back pocket of your jeans. Is this a crazy time warp back to the 90s and early 2000s? Maybe not. 


Tracking devices: Where do we draw the line?

Samantha Sinatra, Staff Writer February 7, 2018

The Fitbit watch has enhanced and improved users’ workouts and routines since 2013. However, the tracking device on the Fitbit has recently caused some concerns with our military by releasing, through a Global Heat Map, probable whereabouts of military bases, running routines, supply routes and bases from the past two years. 


Dating culture questioned following Aziz Ansari scandal

Samantha Sinatra, Staff Writer February 7, 2018

Recently, a woman by the pseudonym of “Grace” exposed her unwanted sexual encounter with Aziz Ansari, a well-known feminist and respected actor, resulting in boundary lines and expectations of dating and sex to be blurred once again.

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