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“SYRE” inspires new wave

Nick Coats, Staff Writer December 5, 2017

Presenting one of the better produced albums of 2017, the 19-year-old film and television actor, water-bottle company entrepreneur, fashion designer and musician  continues his entertainment journey following his 2012 debut mixtape, “The Cool Cafe: Cool Tape Vol. 1.”


Hip Hop world sees new collaboration “Without Warning”

Nick Coats, Staff Writer November 7, 2017

In a time where trap music is in style, this album still manages to come as a surprise, and is by far one of the better collaborations in recent years of rap music


“Jigsaw” continues pieceing storyline together

Nick Coats, Staff Writer October 31, 2017

Directed by the Spierig brothers Peter and Michael, this edition picks back up the franchise seven years after the “Final Chapter,” and has all of the elements of the original film  with little to no shock value.

Facebook rolls out new video platform

Nick Coats, Staff Writer October 24, 2017

Facebook is looking to outperform its competitors when it comes to original video content with the roll out of “Facebook Watch.” 


Lil Dicky unleashes Brain

Nick Coats, Staff Writer September 27, 2017

Lil Dicky’s “Brain” launched its rap career in the most random, yet entertaining EP the Hip-Hop industry has ever seen

Apple celebrates 10 years with new releases

Nick Coats, Staff Writer September 26, 2017

It is not a huge surprise that on the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, Apple released the iPhone X, the “X” standing for the numeral, 10. But there were a few unexpected changes.

Crushing the competition

Nick Coats, Staff Writer September 13, 2017

The new Powerhouse of a console hits stores Nov. 7, as Microsoft looks to finally blow its competitors like the Sony PS4-Pro, out of the water in terms of power and capability.


New show “Disjointed” sheds green light

Nick Coats, Staff Writer September 5, 2017

Make sure you’re nice and cozy when you sit down to watch Netflix’s new original comedy series “Disjointed”. With legalization on the rise across the U.S., “Disjointed” supports the growing normalization of cannabis use in fun and informative ways.


Netflix hashes “Death Note”

Nick Coats, Staff Writer August 30, 2017

If you are an avid lover of anime, then you are always hopeful that the next live-action adaptation of one of your favorite shows will live up to its parent anime. In the movie industry however, this never seems to be the case; “Dragon Ball” and “Ghost in the Shell” being a few past examples. Plagued with bad casting choices, and plots too loosely based on the original, “Death Note” falls right in line with the trend. 

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