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Assisted suicide remains a contreversial option for the chronically ill

Natalya Swensen Staff Writer December 22, 2019

Euthanasia, also known as assisted suicide, is a very hard hitting topic. It is seen as an act of kindness to put a suffering pet to sleep, but is much more complicated when it comes to people. According to Medical News Today, euthanasia is defined as a doctor legally able to end a persons life as long as it is by painless means and the patient has persistent and incurable suffering. 

The great straw debate is not much of a debate at all

Natalya Swensen Staff Writer December 22, 2019

Generation Z says that they are trying to help the environment, but are not focusing their efforts on issues that will result in real change.

Discrimination against the disabled a forgotten problem in society

Natalya Swensen Staff Writer December 22, 2019

Ableism, discrimination against disabled people, has become a serious problem in our society that most people do not recognize. Most people think of race, gender, or sexual orientation when the word discrimination is mentioned.

Many celebrity activists are proven hypocritical

Natalya Swensen Staff Writer December 22, 2019

There are a large number of celebrities that are activists for climate change. Just to name a few: Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Billie Eilish, Shawn Mendes, Jaden Smith, and the list goes on. Celebrities are making an impact not only on the climate crisis but are a strong influence on ordinary people who want to help with the environment as well. Leonardo DiCaprio and Billie Eilish have been in the spotlight as activists, but have been called hypocrites for their actions.


From the public to celebrities, lack of internet safety can be dangerous

Natalya Swensen Staff Writer October 23, 2019

The public should have a more strict understanding of internet safety because stalking and cyberstalking are serious issues in our society. This problem can result in harm being placed on celebrities and individuals. 


Many schools now canceling holiday parties to respect all families’ beliefs

Natalya Swensen Staff Writer October 16, 2019

Schools, especially elementary, are canceling the holiday of Halloween for religious reasons. Though, like many holidays, Halloween has a religious origin, most people do not see it in that way. Halloween is many children’s favorite holiday and it is wrong to deny them of celebrating it in school. 


How young adulthood compares to older generations in regards to technology

Natalya Swensen Staff Writer October 7, 2019

When it comes to technology and social media use, younger generations widely differ from older generations. Though older generations use primarily Facebook as their source of social media, if any, younger people are drawn to Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Over the years older generations have begun using social media more frequently, but it still does not compare to the quantity that young people use it. 


Gender studies enter the race for university relevancy

Natalya Swensen Staff Writer September 26, 2018

Gender studies is not a very popular major at most universities. According to Data USA, only one to four percent of students in the U.S. are declared in gender studies while business and health related majors are the most common. A large reason why gender studies are not popular is because most men do not take those courses. It is uncommon for men to take gender courses because it is not yet a societal norm.


Rise of body expression breeds adversity before achievement

Natalya Swensen Staff Writer September 19, 2018

The expression of nude women is slowly becoming a much more accepted and formidable force in today’s society. #Freethenipple is a well known campaign that promotes women going braless, an expression of women’s rights and a promotion of feminism. But this is not the first time a ban on bras has been attempted. 


Sports sexism is no stranger to double standards

Natalya Swensen Staff Writer September 12, 2018

Even with the rise of feminism having brought improvements to society, sexism still exists everywhere you look, especially in sports. 

People are not born sexist, this is a concept that manifests through experiences. In an advertisement campaign by feminine hygeine company Always titled “#LikeAGirl,” a video of girls and boys of all ages depicted their interpretations when told to act “like a girl.”


Dogs prove better at compassion

Natalya Swensen Staff Writer September 5, 2018

People show compassion and empathy towards dogs more than human beings. That says a lot about where our morality stands as a society. 

Many of us are much more likely to cry during the scene of a movie where the dog dies compared to a person. The film “Marley & Me” is a great example. Dogs serve a purpose to many people that other individuals simply cannot.


Reality television’s deception poses dangerous influence

Natalya Swensen Staff Writer August 31, 2018

The topic of social media’s negative impact on society’s youth is recurring, but what about reality TV? The dependency we have on social media and the influence reality TV plays in many of our lives is growing rapidly. Society is obsessing over which of the Kardashians is the sexiest, wealthiest, or got the most plastic surgery, but what does that say about our society as a whole?

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