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Campus defines free speech

Marisa Oliveira, Staff Writer December 9, 2014

A student protest fueled by civil rights took place Dec. 2, 1964 on the UC Berkeley campus called the Free Speech Movement.

Registration spikes stress among students

Marisa Oliveira, Staff Writer November 11, 2014

Registration can be a frustrating time for some and an exciting time for others, but either way students are expected to somehow get through this stressful period every semester.


Award-winning students give back

Marisa Oliveira, Staff Writer October 28, 2014

Some say music only leads to “treble,” but that’s not the case for these scholarship-winning performers. Parents and friends gathered at Sonoma State University on Friday afternoon for the Music, Theatre Arts and Dance Scholarship Showcase.


Spooky, silly cult classic

Marisa Oliveira, Staff Writer October 21, 2014

From vulgar script lines to sexual innuendos, Saturday night in Petaluma featured a crowd bustling with excitement for the Phoenix Theater’s showing of the rock musical cult classic, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” 


Weezer’s triumphant return

Marisa Oliveira, Staff Writer October 14, 2014

From “The Sweater Song” to “Beverly Hills,” Weezer has had their fair share of hits. They formed in 1992 and have gained much popularity in the last 20 years. Weezer’s brand new album, “Everything Will Be Alright in the End” released on Tuesday. The 11-track album had many fans waiting since their 2010 album, “Hurley.” 


Caillat’s uplifting new album

Marisa Oliveira, Staff Writer October 7, 2014

Singer/songwriter Colbie Caillat has made a huge splash with brand new album “Gypsy Heart.” Caillat was discovered on MySpace in 2007 for her song “Bubbly” and became the number one unsigned singer in the pop/folk-pop genre. 


Ross brings back the 60s

Marisa Oliveira, Staff Writer September 30, 2014

The legendary diva Diana Ross brought Sonoma State University back to the 60s during her recent performance at Weill Hall.  She had three back-up singers: two guys and one girl.  A whole band played behind her including a guitarist, saxophone player, trumpet player, a pianist and a drummer.


Sonoma State gets ‘unplugged’

Marisa Oliveira, Staff Writer September 23, 2014

The chilled air was filled with the smell of cheesy pizza and hot chocolate Thursday evening. Sonoma State’s Associated Students Productions held the first “Sonoma State Unplugged” event on Thursday. It was held in the Alumni Amphitheater, located between Ives and the Student Center. 


Blind marriage gets a TV show

Marisa Oliveira, Staff Writer September 16, 2014

Six people, three marriages, and one social experiment turned into a TV show called “Married at First Sight.”


Drunkenness abounds in Comedy Central ‘History’ show

Marisa Oliveira, Staff Writer September 9, 2014

“Drunk History” decided to retell the First Ladies’ stories of course. For those who have never watched Comedy Central’s TV show “Drunk History,” it is a show that gives history lessons to the audience from people who are belligerently drunk.


Grande’s sophomore hit

Marisa Oliveira, Staff Writer September 2, 2014

R&B/pop princess Ariana Grande debuts a victorious new album for fans. Grande, whom is previously known for her role as Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon show “Victorious,” released her second studio album “My Everything” on Aug. 25. Even though it was recently released, the album already has four songs on the Billboard Top 100 List. Three of the songs happen to be in the top 10 of the 100 songs on the chart. The album starts off with her singing pitches only Mariah Carey could compete with. Many critics claim that Grande is said to be the “young Mariah Carey” with her drastic pitch changes and octaves. When told about the comparisons critics were making about the two artists Grande responded, “I mean, it’s a huge compliment, but when you hear my entire album, you’ll see Mariah’s sounds much different than mine.”


New Khalifa: just another weed album

Marisa Oliveira, Staff Writer August 26, 2014

Newly released album “Blacc Hollywood” is just as clear as Wiz Khalifa’s head might be after a full night partaking in his favorite activity. His last album O.N.I.F.C. (One Night in First Class), released in 2012, is far better than the latest from the rapper. It may have something to do with his marriage to Amber Rose in 2013 and the birth of his son, Sebastian, this past February. Since turning into a family man, critics say that Wiz has become soft. The album was released on Aug. 19, the day after his one-year wedding anniversary. Much like the rest of Wiz’s albums, this one is about weed, women and wages. 

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