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GPS tracked scooters prove a nuisance to public safety

When it comes to transportation, travelers have many options. From cars, buses, trains, airplanes or even our own two feet, we are always looking for a new way to pull up in style.


Problematic musicians should not get free pass

Music is a language in itself. Artists make songs out of beats, and they make those beats out of chords and scales, just like you make a sentence out of words, and make those words out of letters. To the musical geniuses of the world, the ins and outs of music come to them like it is their first language. 


Legalization of LA street food benefits city

Walking down the streets of Los Angeles, it’s impossible to miss the sound of people’s teeth biting into Mexican street corn, or the smell of bacon wrapped hot dogs sizzling on the grill cart. Street food is a staple of the City of Angels, and it’s going to remain where it belongs.

Catering to older audiences keeps theme parks afloat

With the constant changes made to our theme parks, the prices are found to be increasing so much that it makes it harder for some families to attend. Those who can afford it go, while others with huge families have to save up for months.


‘Fab Five’ revives the unconditional lives of nominees

Netflix has brought the cheerfully-judgmental Fab Five back to revamp the cringe-worthy lives of their nominated male subjects on the rebooted, condensely titled series “Queer Eye.”

Social media apps endure new censorship measures

Although YouTube is a place for people to blog about their life and opinions, there is an extreme effort being made to end the negative attention that users are gaining on this specific platform.

Recent app ‘Vero’ looks to be the next social media front-runner

From Instagram changing the photo order to most popular than chronological and Snapchat switching up its format, some updates have forced users to stop interacting entirely. 


“Fifty Shades” trilogy ends on a stale note

Madison Villalobos, Staff Writer February 27, 2018

A franchise that was notoriously known for its undeniable romance and erotisicim was quickly called out by fans when its expected abundance of sex scenes suddenly diminished in its latest film.


Rising brand creates and caters to survivors

Madison Villalobos, Staff Writer February 21, 2018

More so now than ever, the modeling industry is shedding what’s been projected as perfect, and transforming it to a woman who is confident and happy in their own skin.


Latest “Cloverfield” installment offers more questions than answers

Madison Villalobos, Staff Writer February 14, 2018

Directed by Julius Onah, “The Cloverfield Paradox” is based on “God Particle,” a script written by Oren Uziel, which had the same plot of a space station crew, but was originally unconnected to the other two “Cloverfield” series.

Solidarity expression continues with new channels

Madison Villalobos, Staff Writer February 6, 2018

Celebrities in the entertainment industry have opened the door to using fashion to make more than a pretty photo for the paparazzi. 


Drake sets new bar with “Scary Hours”

Madison Villalobos, Staff Writer February 6, 2018

Drake is not new to breaking records.

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