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Anticipated movies warm up winter

Lucia Ramirez, Staff Writer December 10, 2013

This Christmas, give the gift of movies and popcorn. Let us all hope Santa Claus was generous enough to leave behind a couple of movie tickets for these upcoming films featured on the day of Christmas. While opening gifts on Christmas morning is one of the greatest thrills, one can never deny watching an anticipated movie at the theater, which could sometimes be just as thrilling.

‘Calvin & Hobbes’ documentary explores impact of creator

Lucia Ramirez, Staff Writer November 19, 2013

With the constant display of tragic stories and images presented by the local newspaper, comic strips are the one place in the paper one can read without feeling the heavy drain of the real world. In the cartoons with humorous descriptions, one is able to escape to a completely new land where everything is a little bit brighter, funnier and happier.     


Hendrix documentary reveals new information, footage

Lucia Ramirez, Staff Writer November 12, 2013

He was the first to make love to his guitar then light it on fire. This wild man was Jimi Hendrix, and in his short career he became the prodigy of blues and rock. Playing his guitar from the back of his head and also using his teeth, he was able to lure his audiences in the sensation of his musical talent. His flamboyant style was quite the attraction. His signature look will forever be remembered. With a peacock feather sticking out of his hat, sunshine colorful shirts, headband and unmanageable hair, he was a true reflection of his music: unique and outstanding. 

Sonoma State amoang lowest CSUs on investment returns

Lucia Ramirez, Staff Writer November 5, 2013

The value of education seems to have been decreasing, and Sonoma State University has been dealing with the recent issue of the return on investment of students’ tuition after graduating and entering into the workforce. 


Faculty, students win research awards

Lucia Ramirez, Staff Writer October 29, 2013

Sonoma State University made a lasting impression at the North American Case Research Association Conference in Victoria, British Columbia as the only university to win multiple awards.


Endurance athlete inspires, delivers ‘epic’ tales

Lucia Ramirez, Staff Writer October 22, 2013

At 52 years old, tenacious endurance athlete “Epic” Bill Bradley completes physical feats that even most fit 20-somethings wouldn’t be crazy enough to volunteer for. He has taken on challenges like swimming the English Channel without a wetsuit, biking across America and running marathons in Death Valley.

MasterCard pavilion to host livelier acts

Lucia Ramirez, Staff Writer October 22, 2013

Say hello to the new MasterCard Performing Arts Pavilion, which will be located right beside the Green Music Center. If all goes according to plan, it is expected to open around the time of summer 2015. 


Chancellor addresses student concerns

Lucia Ramirez, Staff Writer October 16, 2013

California State University Chancellor Timothy P. White came to Sonoma State University last week to answer the burning questions that members of the campus have been eager to ask. Questions concerning tuition fees and ethnic issues were brought to the chancellor’s attention. White spoke of the consequences that have come about as a result of the recession. 

Inside look: Technology High School scholars

Lucia Ramirez, Staff Writer October 8, 2013

They are the kids playing hacky-sack, carrying large backpacks. They are the adolescents hanging out at The Commons. They don’t look like college students; well, that’s because they aren’t.


Professor of law examines ‘born that way’ dispute

Lucia Ramirez, Staff Writer October 1, 2013

The controversial topic of whether homosexuality is an orientation developed by genetic or environmental causes has got people wondering.


Researcher defies vegan stereotypes

Lucia Ramirez, Staff Writer September 17, 2013

“An apple a day keeps the doctors away. That doesn’t just come from nowhere,” said A. Breeze Harper, who holds a doctorate in geography.


Art students honor Perlman

Lucia Ramirez, Staff Writer September 10, 2013

Outside the door of the art gallery stand viewers wearing modern edgy attire, holding wine glasses while snacking on cheese and crackers ready to enjoy the exquisite art displayed by 25 of Mark Perlman’s most talented students.

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