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Perspective is key

Jonathan Angulo, Staff Writer December 9, 2014

County grand jury decides not to indict the cop who shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. In New York, the “killer cop,” Daniel Pantaleo, who placed Eric Garner in a chokehold that resulted in Garner’s death, is also cleared by grand jury, which sparks protest in cities across the country. Citizens march across the Brooklyn Bridge holding signs that read, “Enough is enough,” and “Black lives matter.” Riots ensue in Berkeley and police descend upon the protesters. 

Shop till ya’ drop (dead)

Jonathan Angulo, Staff Writer November 18, 2014

Black Friday; otherwise known as, the sale to die for. A few years ago I worked at Best Buy and I know firsthand how awful it can be working Black Friday. Fortunately when I worked at Best Buy, they began their sale at 6 a.m. However, this still required that I be at work at 5 a.m. to get the store ready for shoppers. When the floodgates opened, a rush of people would swell in like a frantic pack of lunatics; tired beady eyes, hunched backs, the smell of sour beer and gravy still on their breath. 

The ‘F’ word

Jonathan Angulo, Staff Writer November 11, 2014

I have an apology to make. About a month ago, a woman was practicing yoga upstairs in the Recreation Center of Sonoma State University. As I was leaving the building, a couple of guys walked by the room and one of them stopped.

Why you so obsessed with me(dia)

Jonathan Angulo, Staff Writer November 4, 2014

Perhaps the title of this article lured you in, curious about the over-consumption of social media, but alas, a phone vibrates in your pocket; don’t look away. Fight the temptation. Could it be that the gnawing sensation to look at your phone right now is the product of over-consumption of electronic media? I’m guilty, and in a sense I think we are all guilty. But it’s not about being perfect and abstaining from electronic media. 


Sustainability Week brings a wake-up call 

Jonathan Angulo, Staff Writer October 28, 2014

The Sustainability Expo took place throughout Sonoma State University  and informed at least 1,000 students in a variety of different ways. There were talks, movies, tabling and art exhibits inspired by the topic of sustainability. 


Student Spotlight: Tomio Endo

Jonathan Angulo, Staff Writer October 21, 2014

Tomio Endo loves to get his hands dirty. Until recently, Endo was the director and founder of the Sonoma Student Growers Cooperative, which is committed to bring a sustainable lifestyle through agriculture and provide a space for students to come together. In Colorado, Endo called himself the “Asian Cowboy”, and fell in love with nature. When he came to Sonoma, he knew he had found the right place to call home away from home. 


Light It Up with glowing dance moves

Jonathan Angulo, Staff Writer October 14, 2014

Three DJs took the stage on Saturday and played to a wild crowd of Seawolves who danced, socialized and waved around large glow sticks.


Bowling for the boobs

Jonathan Angulo, Staff Writer October 7, 2014

October is the official breast cancer awareness month. It is a reminder to everyone that breast cancer is an important topic to discuss because it affects many women (and men, though on a lesser scale) in our society and Sonoma State University is doing its part to raise awareness. 


Sonoma connects with its roots

Jonathan Angulo, Staff Writer September 30, 2014

Last weekend farmers opened their doors all across Sonoma County to the public. The event was called Sonoma County Farm Trails and its history is dated back 41 years ago. 


Doggy Play Day relieves student stress

Jonathan Angulo, Staff Writer September 23, 2014

Students laughed, smiled, shrieked and gasped for air at the Doggy Play Day on Saturday. 

Turning up the heat on yoga

Jonathan Angulo, Staff Writer September 16, 2014

Welcome to yoga hell. When someone walks in the studio in Petaluma they are welcomed by pleasantly loud reggae music, authentic décor, a friendly smile and a giant friendly dog named Chester.


Student Spotlight: Kara Kelly

Jonathan Angulo, Staff Writer September 9, 2014

Senior Kara Kelly’s commitment to sustainability begins at the start of her day when she rides her bike to school. Kelly, an environmental study major, ignited her environmental interest during freshman year, which would later contribute to her passion for sustainability. 

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