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    Light It Up with glowing dance moves


    Three DJs took the stage on Saturday and played to a wild crowd of Seawolves who danced, socialized and waved around large glow sticks.

    Campus Life Programming and Associated Students Productions collaborated and decided to throw a dance party for Sonoma State University this Saturday. Light It Up Glow Dance Party was held in the Student Center, Ballroom A, at 10 p.m. This event was the brain of Ciera Leidheisl of Associated Student Productions, and Mo Phillips, associate director of Student Development. 

    Saturday night’s DJ was Clint Kuper from Degy Entertainment. Kuper not only was DJ for the dance party, but also the instructor for the event, Be the DJ Master Class, which took place at 7 p.m. in the same room. 

    However, at 7 p.m. only two students decided to show up for the event and take advantage of the opportunity to work with a professional DJ. Although they had a small turnout for the master class, Mo Phillips was not discouraged.  

    “As long as someone gets something out of it, I am happy,” said Phillips. 

     Kevin Hill was one of the two who showed up for the Master Class. This is not Kevin Hill’s first experience as a DJ, he also participated at Big Nite with his own stage set up in front of the Rec Center. Hill was able to work with Clint Kuper and get personal advice every step of the way. 

    “He has some software that I am not used to using, but it is good to know different techniques and learn the foundations. You cannot be proficient when it comes to DJing if you are not well-rounded,” said Kevin Hill. 

    Beginning at 10 p.m., the people began trickling in through the front doors of the Student Center. 

    Between 10:30 and 11 p.m., students were coming in packs. Once climbing the steps to the third floor, one would notice the table that was outside the entrance of the dance. White tubes that emitted changing colored lights, which guests could wave in the air while they danced.

     It was the quintessential dance scene.  Bass vibrated the very floor one walked on.  The music was electronically based with a combination of pop and rap music. 

    There were student’s break dancing in a circle while others danced around them. 

    According to the box office, they sold somewhere between 300 and 400 tickets. 

    “It was a pretty good turn-out tonight, about medium size,” said Elizabeth Sanchez, member of Associated Students.  

    Wallflowers gathered on the outskirts of the large dance group with folded arms and talked amongst themselves. Inside, a couple fought in the corner and a person danced by themselves. 

    It seemed like an ordinary dance; until a confrontation broke out in the middle back of the dance floor. 

    The people involved were quickly removed from the scene and the dance continued with hardly a whisper.

    “That is why we are here,” said Sanchez.

    There were workers and police stationed throughout the ballroom to ensure the safety of students.

    Even though a fight broke out, it did not stop other students from dancing wildly and socializing. 

     By the front of the stage people danced more lively and were really into the music.  Garret Gooch is one of those students who came out to release some energy. 

    “I have been studying for five hours straight. After I was done I decided it was time for dancing,” said Gooch. 

    These dances provide a release for students like Gooch, who might want to escape the mental stress of studying for long periods of time. 

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