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Enrollment numbers expected to increase

Jhery Mae Monteza, Staff Writer December 5, 2022

Sonoma State University has deployed several strategies to counteract the effects of multiple semesters of declining enrollment. The results from this work is now visible as, recently, deposits and applications are starting to increase.


Friends and family of Sourdough and Co. shooting victim speak out

Jhery Mae Monteza, Staff Writer December 5, 2022

The suspected shooter in the Nov. 13 Sourdough and Co. incident, 19-year-old Jade Cutrer from Santa Rosa, was being held in Sonoma County jail with a $1 million dollar bail under suspicion of child endangerment, possession of firearm without a serial number and attempted murder, but was released on Nov.15 without any charges. Following the suspect’s release from jail, the friends and family of the 16-year-old shooting victim that was shot while working last week have begun speaking out about the incident on social media and to reporters as the attack appears to have been targeted.


Cold winds and rain storms mark the end of fire season

Jhery Mae Monteza, Staff Writer November 15, 2022

Recent weather events have marked the end of the wildfire season, bringing with it freezing temperatures and what some have called the strongest storm of the season.

Between Monday and Tuesday of last week, gusts of wind ranging from about 35 mph to 45 mph and heavy rain swept through the North Bay. The storm also brought with it a single lightning strike. The storm grew more powerful as it progressed through California.

Gun violence continues to harm rap/hip-hop community

Jhery Mae Monteza, Staff Writer November 14, 2022

Gun violence in the music industry, specifically the rap and hip-hop community is something that is normalized, and artists constantly have to worry about their safety. In a blink of an eye their life can be taken away from them. Many are dying at such a young age, and two rappers have been shot the past two months.

This has been an ongoing problem in the United States, and so many rappers have lost their lives at such a young age. They should be able to go out into the world without thinking they’re going to die at any moment.

Asian American’s will be represented on American currency

Jhery Mae Monteza, Staff Writer October 31, 2022

After waiting so many years, the Asian community will be represented on U.S. currency, with Anna May Wong being placed on the quarter.

Wong is Hollywood’s first Chinese American actress and fought for the rights of Asian representation in the Hollywood film industry. When Wong starred in movies, the film industry underpaid her and gave her roles playing a stereotypical Chinese murderous villain.

Cheri-Ann Inouye, a fall 2021 graduate majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing stated, “I personally think it would be amazing! Seeing some sort of representation of me on U.S. currency OR anywhere in the United States would be so much more empowering for the younger generations. The United States has gone a long time mainly showing one representation— the newer generations will definitely be impacted.”

California drivers can switch to digital license plates

Jhery Mae Monteza, Staff Writer October 29, 2022

California is an area known for the boom of technology and high tech innovation, with advances ranging from Tesla to robots delivering your food or even making it. We are constantly making new advances in technology and adding on to that list are digital license plates, made exclusively by the California company Reviver. Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a law legalizing the use of these digital license plates, which drivers can now switch if wanted.

Biden’s marijuana pardon is a step in the right direction

Jhery Mae Monteza, Staff Writer October 18, 2022

For decades, the POC community has been a target when it comes to getting arrested for the possession of Marijuana even for the smallest amounts. It’s no secret that the state of California is the largest Cannabis market in the nation, and it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. Since 1996, the medical use of Marijuana has been legalized in California and recreational in November 2016.

President Joe Biden, under federal law, has pardoned people who have been convicted of marijuana possession. This will clear everyone who got charged with simple possession since it became a crime in the 1970s.

Influencers: working hard or hardly working?

Jhery Mae Monteza, Staff Writer October 10, 2022

Remember when you were young being asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Most replied with answers such as a doctor, astronaut, veterinarian, or firefighter. Nowadays, kids aspire to be an influencer or content creator.

Compared to a typical 9 to 5 job, influencers have it easier than most because they make money just by creating content such as posting photos and videos.


SSU president creates new budget committees

Jhery Mae Monteza, Staff Writer October 3, 2022

Sonoma State University President, Mike Lee, has assembled a committee to devise a plan to balance the struggling campus budget. By mid-November, this plan will aim to solve the $14 million budget deficit currently facing SSU.


SSU students worry about ‘going out’ after drugging experiences

Jhery Mae Monteza, Staff Writer September 27, 2022

Many SSU students have recently become victims of drugging crimes.

The names of all the victims in this story will remain anonymous to protect their safety and privacy. All of these occurrences have been verified and took place on different nights within the past few months.


SSU Trustees’ Award winner shares her inspirational story

Jhery Mae Monteza, Staff Writer September 20, 2022

Serina Cabrera, a first-generation student, woman of color, and senior STEM major was honored to represent Sonoma State University in receiving the 2022 California State University Trustee’s Award.


You can now rate your experiences with campus police

Jhery Mae Monteza, Staff Writer September 13, 2022

The Sonoma State University Police Department has implemented a pilot program that will last from Aug. 8 until Nov. 8 designed to help police administrations use real-time data analysis and insights to understand the community perspective toward their police interactions. Depending on how successful it is within the community, and if it's worth the cost, they will decide whether or not to continue the program.

This is available to anyone they serve in the community, not only SSU students, anytime they have more than a question and answer interaction with an officer.

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