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Take your experience and run with it

Florencia Hasson, Staff Writer December 15, 2015

I’m 22 years old, about to begin my last semester of college; I’m starting to wonder, “what was the point of it all?” Perhaps I am just confronting the regular college senior blues and deeply existential thoughts, but I think there’s more to it this time.


The I do’s and don’ts of young love

Florencia Hasson, Staff Writer December 8, 2015

“Love and infatuation can be so easily mistaken for one another. By keeping that in mind, you are less likely to make a mistake and end up with the wrong person,” this is the advice 21-year-old Shane Bickford gave about his two marriages.


The gentrification of San Francisco

Florencia Hasson, Staff Writer November 17, 2015

San Francisco has historically been the mecca for cultural and racial diversity, as seen in its variety of distinct neighborhoods. It has been a city which has always welcomed the different, and encouraged people to think outside the box. Being eccentric or believing in something that was contrary to popular belief has always been the trend.


Age-old discrimination still alive

Florencia Hasson, Staff Writer November 10, 2015

There was absolutely nothing I could, or what’s worse, should do about the situation I was in. The feeling was so infuriating. I was stuck in a car with a group of people that I came to realize would judge and dislike me no matter what I said.


Local band: ‘Dr. Palmer and His Darlings’

Florencia Hasson, Staff Writer November 3, 2015

From the renown halls of Sonoma State University’s Green Music Center rose a band of students, composed of a drummer, a pianist and a vocalist; all inspired by one professor and his leather pants. The trio of jazz studies majors goes by “Dr. Palmer and His Darlings,” titled after one of the bands many creative inspirations, Dr. John Palmer.



‘Hummingbird Wars’ attacks modern-day adversity

Florencia Hasson, Staff Writer October 27, 2015

Rated R by the lead actor for its intense and broad subject matter; the “Hummingbird Wars” is a metaphor for the fragility of the American middle-class that is explored in this satirical, dark comedy.


When poorly drawn lines become bestsellers

Florencia Hasson, Staff Writer October 20, 2015

Poorly drawn lines and sketches are typically found on the backs of high school and college notebooks, brought to existence during long and boring class lectures; however, Reza Farazmand’s poorly drawn lines brought him a future and an opportunity to bring his doodles to life. He was able to create a voice for his art through what has now become successfully known as his comic series, “Poorly Drawn Lines.”

Music sharing doesnt hurt, but helps

Florencia Hasson, Staff Writer October 13, 2015

As students we are always looking for free and affordable things, and as a generation that was raised with the very first portable mp3 players and later iPods, music has become a huge part of our culture and something that I would strongly argue, that we all hold very dear. So of course, when you put the two together, how could you not say yes to free music when it’s so easily accessible and so rarely reprimanded for?

Seawolves Speak: Free music sharing

Florencia Hasson, Staff Writer October 13, 2015

A very prominent group of music consumers is college students, and when Sonoma State students were asked whether free music sharing should be banned, their answers were almost unanimous.


Disney’s standards are frozen

Florencia Hasson, Staff Writer October 5, 2015

Disney movies with their unattainable standards of beautiful princesses and daring prince charmings have always portrayed this image of perfection in a happy world where good triumphs evil, but the messages being received by its young and easily-influenced audience haven’t always been good, happy or perfect.



Getting a grip on gun violence

Florencia Hasson, Staff Writer September 28, 2015

I know I don’t stand alone when I say that I am absolutely tired of reading headlines such as “Three Shot, One killed, Near Sacramento City College.” .


Awareness only from tragedy

Florencia Hasson, Staff Writer September 21, 2015

Khaled, a 19-year-old fellow intern I met at Comunicación Corporativa Ketchum in Costa Rica, had already began to build a life story more difficult and intense at the age of 16 than most middle age people could ever imagine.

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