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Gender Bender and Rainbow Prom brings safe and colorful fun

Ethan Prins, Staff Writer May 1, 2019

Landa Lakes, live music and poetry reading made the 15th annual Gender Bender and Rainbow Prom one of the best yet.


Event promotes disability awareness

Ethan Prins, Staff Writer April 17, 2019

Sonoma State University has a conversation about job opportunities for disabled people.


Vegan activism once again goes too far

Ethan Prins, Staff Writer April 10, 2019

Vegan activism has been fueled by the rise of social media and intrigue to conscious living in Australia. On April 8, vegans who have been described as “militant” are planing the biggest animal protest the world has ever seen. Vegans are ruthless. Most activists are set out to end whatever the topic of concern may be, and these individuals will do anything to showcase their opinion. 


Marijuana linked to psychotic disorders, new study finds

Ethan Prins, Staff Writer April 3, 2019

Marijuana, a perceptual phenomenon across the globe has spread wildly amidst this generation irrespective of health risks still in exploration. The aura has appeared to lean in favor of legalization considering medical cannabis is authorized in 34 U.S states, and recreational sales are permitted in 10 of them. Undoubtedly, weed is taking off and stirring up a myriad of various conversations—good and bad.


Fast food remains a guilty pleasure for humans and animals alike

Ethan Prins, Staff Writer March 13, 2019

It has been declared that fast food is weirdly-delicious and mighty convenient to almost all people in the industrial world. Individuals recognize fast food or “junk food” as that which comes with triple the suet at half the cost, commonly paired with overload packaging and flimsy paper napkins. How interesting that the value meal slaps the brain’s economy and draws in just about every curious individual at one point or another. Highly processed junk foods can affect the brain the same way as drug abuse. As farfetched as this may seem, there is no doubt that this can lead to full-fledged food addiction for a myriad of folks that simply can’t cut back. The science of food addiction is still outstanding, but it probably won’t come as a surprise to hear that food can indeed cause dependency; in fact, it is so irresistible that Swan’s have developed a fatty fix of their own. 


‘Date My Grandma’ isn’t your typical reality dating series

Ethan Prins, Staff Writer March 6, 2019

How odd that we waste away our lives as we watch others live theirs via a boxed screen glued to our wall.

    It truly is the most interesting time to be alive—we tend to swamp ourselves in mindless garbage and cynically bogus reality television. We tend to view material that does know good for the betterment of our knowledge. We know that most of what we see is staged, and we know that just about everything is sold for our dreamy pleasure, yet we choose to cooperate.


Palm oil: the ubiquitous conflict

Ethan Prins, Staff Writer February 27, 2019

A tradition among corporations and a new-born tribulation for the masses—palm oil—what we don’t know may still hurt us?

What is defined as “an edible vegetable oil derived from the mesocarp of the fruit of the African oil palms” is about as random as oat milk: a new fad at your local bistro. However, palm oil has been esteemed controversial on both health and environmental grounds, so when it comes to rustic pasta sauce stick to your common kitchen oils and you may just save the world a little. 

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