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Benefits of quick, healthy food

Emily Johnstone, Staff Writer September 1, 2015

The opening of the organic vegetarian restaurant Amy’s Drive Thru within Rohnert Park has provided residents with a new, healthier eating option. With the popular fast-food restaurant In-N-Out right next door, Amy’s is trying to change the way people grab a quick meal.


KONG: An improvement to the selfie?

Selfies have become one of the biggest trends when it comes to taking pictures. Kong, the newest addition to the Path family of applications, is a simple way to create GIF selfies to share with friends. 


Wine Mixology Competition results are in

Being in the middle of wine country, Sonoma State University students interested in the wine industry may already think they’re getting to know everything there is about wine. However, professors wanted to open students up to the knowledge of how diverse and innovative wine can be. 



Restaurant Review: Bianchini’s The Sandwich and Salad Market

Emily Johnstone, Staff Writer April 28, 2015

Customers line the counter as their eyes glance through the glass barrier at the ingredients needed for a delectable sandwich or salad. While some families and couples are enjoying their meals at tables close by, others choose to sit at the tables outside. Before you know it, the time has come to make the difficult decision of what to order. 


NAKland promoting education, fun for all

Emily Johnstone, Staff Writer April 21, 2015

The smiles and laughter of families could warm the hearts of just about anyone. The Sonoma State community will soon be able to help provide that happiness to less fortunate children through a unique fraternity event.



Phi Delta Theta teeter totter for a cause

Emily Johnstone, Staff Writer April 14, 2015

If one is interested in having a fun time while helping raise money and awareness for a good cause with members of the Sonoma State community, then join the men of Phi Delta Theta at the 16th annual Teeter Totter Philanthropy. 



Restaurant Review: Tex Wasabi’s

Emily Johnstone, Staff Writer April 7, 2015

Tex Wasabi’s is a unique restaurant in Santa Rosa opened by Food Network star Guy Fieri. What makes it unique is that it speciazes in BBQ and sushi, offering a variety of delicious dishes that can be found to fill any kind of craving. From rolls of sushi to savory sandwiches, this restaurant knows how to satisfy the customer’s taste buds. 



Restaurant Review: Fu Zhou Chinese

Emily Johnstone, Staff Writer March 31, 2015

When a craving for Chinese food begins to set in, Fu Zhou is the place to go. With an assortment of savory dishes, there’s always something new for customers to try at a reasonable price.  


Barrel Tasting returns to Sonoma County

Emily Johnstone, Staff Writer March 10, 2015

Chardonnay. Pinot Noir. Cabernet Sauvignon. These are just some of the types of wine that were found at the 37th Annual Barrel Tasting. This three-day weekend event attracts many wine enthusiasts from all over, including a large amount of Sonoma State students.



Carpooling application makes long-distance traveling easier

Emily Johnstone, Staff Writer March 3, 2015

When making plans for spring break, especially for those who live far away, consider the  new Carpooling application. While college students constantly use applications like Lyft and Uber to get to and from places close by, the Carpooling application allows people to travel longer distances for a low cost and a more environmentally friendly ride.


Misguided attention in consuming information

Emily Johnstone, Staff Writer February 24, 2015

From red carpet events to all the gossip stories, celebrity obsessions are noticed all over society. There are times that I definitely can’t help myself from going and picking up the trendy magazine that’s on the stands. However, I feel that a huge issue occurring in society is the amount of attention we’re placing on unimportant topics, such as the lives of celebrities. 


Binge-watching creates unhealthy balance

Emily Johnstone, Staff Writer February 17, 2015

From delivering DVD’s to your mailbox to allowing users to watch shows and films anytime on multiple devices, Netflix has completely changed the television industry, which in turn, changed parts of society.

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