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Alcohol being served on campus prevents drunk driving and other incidents

Editorial Board March 5, 2020

Sonoma State University has a plethora of selling points. The university’s Green Music Center is one that is brought up quite often, the small class size draws in those who actually want to get to...

Meme Culture: the global infectant we should actually be concerned about

Editorial Board March 5, 2020

In the last 20 years alone, the establishment of contemporary global culture has seen dramatic acceleration in an ever digitized, technologically entrenched world. Yet, while culture on a global scale...

Noise violation fines to be raised, impacting off campus students

Editorial Board March 5, 2020

Last week, the Rohnert Park Police Department proposed that the infamous 120 ordinance, a noise violation, be raised from $500 to $1000.     When a household has 10 or more people...


Drugs cut with synthetic opioids threaten users in The Bay

Editorial Board January 30, 2020

 For a typical college student, drugs and alcohol could be a normal part of a fun weekend with friends. Marijuana, cocaine and hallucinogens are popular among young people, and according to a 2014 study by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, “nearly 2.0 million full-time college students used an illicit drug in the past month.” Many might associate drugs like heroin being cut with the deadly substance Fentanyl, not the popular party drug cocaine being a risk. But in the last few years, test strips, paramedics and overdose statistics will tell you otherwise—the Bay Area has seen an upsurge in Fentanyl related deaths due to drugs being mixed with the fatal substance.


Sonoma State shows support with coming out week

Editorial Board October 16, 2019

Sonoma State University is home to a variety of different students and it is important that the school creates an environment where everyone feels valued. The university has taken great steps to ensure...

How Sonoma State is combatting rape culture

Editorial Board September 25, 2019

As reported rapes have been increasing exponentially across the United States, new programs have been started to raise awareness as well as teach women and men what to do to avoid being sexually preyed...

A call for clean water

Editorial Board September 18, 2019

Consistent water problems spark the idea that the water systems on campus are outdated. Sonoma State University continues to issue proper safety precautions to provide safe drinking water to its 11,000...

Upsetting Netflix drama filmed on campus

Editorial Board August 28, 2019

The summer of 2019 brought Sonoma State University many things--a record heatwave, fire warnings, and the filming of 13 Reasons Why on campus. The controversial but ever-popular show transformed SSU...


The STAR endorses Breana Archie for AS President

Editorial Board April 9, 2019

Breana Archie would be a great Associated Students president.


Sonoma State should offer healthier food options

Editorial Board February 27, 2019

For those with meal plans, eating healthy in the Kitchens is often limited to a self-made salad.


Sonoma State should purchase off-campus student housing

Editorial Board February 27, 2019

Once students begin their junior and senior years, it can be incredibly hard to find a suitable place to house themselves.

Finally, a fully funded CSU

Editorial Board February 27, 2019

The lack of investment by California in its higher education came to a head when the CSU raised tuition by five percent for the 2017-2018 school year.

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