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From Rohnert Park to Hollywood

Diana Arroyo, Staff Writer May 10, 2016

Extraordinary imagination, creativity, excellent work ethic and determination: These are all necessary ingredients to become a successful filmmaker in today’s world. Not all people make the cut, but those who do are part of a very select group of dreamers. Sonoma State University communications and media studies major Anna Luna can now say she’s part of this group.


From sketches to theaters: a charming mess

Diana Arroyo, Staff Writer May 3, 2016

For those who are familiar with the popular “Key and Peele” sketch series, the new film titled “Keanu” is something to look forward to. 


Controversial casting in ‘Nina’

Diana Arroyo, Staff Writer April 26, 2016

The film released into limited theaters and through video on demand last Friday. The film has been subject to multiple controversies over the actress portraying Simone (Zoe Saldana) and has been received with mostly negative reviews.


Two old favorites try to recreate television magic, but fall short

Diana Arroyo, Staff Writer April 19, 2016

For those who were fans of the old comedy sitcom “That 70’s Show,” Netflix has brought back two of its most memorable actors. Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson star in “The Ranch,” which premiered on Netflix April 1. Although it is comparable to the flashback favorite, it doesn’t quite reach that level.


UC schools to accept more students

Diana Arroyo, Staff Writer April 12, 2016

For the 10 Universities of California, it’s been confirmed there was a 15 percent boost in acceptance rates over the last year. Theadmissions to minorities grew significantly as well, Latinos representing 32 percent and African-Americans totaling 4.7 percent of all freshmen admitted.

Asbestos: Hushing a serious risk

Diana Arroyo, Staff Writer April 9, 2016

Stevenson Hall, one of the oldest and biggest buildings on campus, has been identified to contain asbestos, a set of dangerous fibrous minerals which was used in the construction of buildings before the 1980’s.


South Dakota vetoes oppressive bill

Diana Arroyo, Staff Writer March 8, 2016

This past Tuesday, South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard vetoed a bill that would have required transgender students to use the bathroom of their biological sex at birth.


Her Campus brought back to Sonoma State

Diana Arroyo, Staff Writer February 23, 2016

Her Campus is an online magazine specially designed for young women that isentirely written by top-college journalists. Founded by a group of undergraduate students at Harvard College, this magazine received many prestigious awards and press like being named top small business of the year.


Creed: From Scranton to Rohnert Park

Diana Arroyo, Staff Writer February 9, 2016

A long line of eager students filed up the stairs of the Student Center last Wednesday to see the special guest they had once seen on their television screen. Creed Bratton, known for playing Creed on the hit show “The Office”, came to Sonoma State University and put on a comedic, musical mash-up for students. 

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