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“This Old Dog” has some new tricks

Brigitte Maina May 8, 2017

The bellowing chords of“Freaking Out the Neighborhood” from a best friend’s car used to be the only welcoming entity to the nightmare that is a high school parking lot. Five years later, it feels just as great to be a Mac Demarco fan. His third studio album “This Old Dog,” released May 5, clouds your Spotify queue with fragile and fervent themes, backed by self-loving and loathing lyrics and jangle-pop, indie-rock tempos.


Studio Blue’s annual film festival CineNoma celebrates local filmmakers

Brigitte Maina May 2, 2017

From lecture hall to red-carpet theatre, Ives 101 transformed and mingled the filmmakers and stars of Sonoma State Thursday night to house Studio Blue’s annual film festival, CineNoma.  Dressed up in silver and gold balloons and s


Lights, camera, action! Studio Blue prepares for sixth annual student film festival, ‘Cinenoma.’

Brigitte Maina April 24, 2017

If Hollywood’s normalized white-washing has swept you away from theatres, ride that wave all way into Ives 101 on April 27 where aromas of popcorn will happily greet you and excitement will fill the air. Save the date, Studio Blue’s sixth annual film festival CineNoma has arrived.


New Netflix original highlights bullying and teen suicide

Brigitte Maina April 17, 2017

There’s no simple explanation to the rollercoaster of emotions felt after finishing “13 Reasons Why.” Don’t adjust whatever screen or medium you’re reading this on. There’s no one word to tell you why these feelings are swirling. There are no return engagements, no encore and absolutely no requests. Get a snack. Settle in. Because you’re about to read the story of Hannah Baker. 


Art’s Place gives patrons a slice of Italy

Brigitte Maina April 13, 2017

When the craving for homemade gnocchi creeps, it pounces. For the fortunate who live nearRedwood Drive, a plate of it isn’t far away.  For the rest of us, a hop over the 101 overpass, through a few traffic lights and around Reading Cinemas leads to Art’s Place, a slice of Italy right in our backyard. 


Technology meets tutoring with HelpHub

Brigitte Maina April 4, 2017

Technology has been taking the 21st century by storm since its arrival, leaving few unexposed survivors. Shaping today’s classrooms, online mediums and resources have prompted second graders to work with tablets more than professors, but also shape the way tradition tutoring has been viewed and conducted. 

An online based service called HelpHub, serves to connect students seeking additional teaching in their studies with tutors ready to help. The 2-year-old Canadian company currently houses over 12,000 registered tutors, and growing, who are on the platform around the clock to serve students in over 65 countries.


Career Closet helps provide professional attire

Brigitte Maina March 28, 2017

A temporary ban of a good night’s rest by your subconscious before a big interview can send you into deep, uncharted thought. Stressing, your mind pinpoints the realization that the outfit you planned to may not fit the image or expectations of your potential employer.

“Some students don’t know what’s appropriate. And it’s kind of hard, depending on the culture or organization you’re interviewing with,” said Career Services Advisor Ann Mansfield.


College minds shaped by diversity

Brigitte Maina March 7, 2017

In order to cultivate different attitudes about global and community matters, would you rather accept headlines read off of Facebook, and other social media outlets at face value, build a bordering wall or befriend and converse with people of different regions, religions, and race? 


“The Magic Flute” brings opera to Sonoma State

Brigitte Maina February 28, 2017

Premiering in 1779, the grand opera “The Magic Flute” has had centuries to be translated, adapted and performed time and time again. Sonoma State University Theater Arts and Dance Department leapt out of those masses with their colorful rendition for the department’s Spring production.


Theater Arts and Dance Department prepares for “The Magic Flute”

Brigitte Maina February 21, 2017

Spirits, serpents and Sarastro, oh my!  Sonoma State University’s Theatre Arts and Dance Department’s spring production has arrived with their adaptation of German composer Emanuel Schikaneder libretto, “The Magic Flute.”


Kehlani impresses with “SweetSexySavage”

Brigitte Maina February 14, 2017

Sweet (adj): pleasing in general;delightful; pleasant and kind or thoughtful, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Sexy (adj): attractive or exciting; appealing. And Savage (adj): very great; severe; fierce. Add all three and enter the spiritually healing debut studio album released by Berkeley native Kehlani Ashley Parrish, formally known as Kehlani.


“The Vagina Monologues” to return to Sonoma State

Brigitte Maina February 7, 2017

First came Adam, then Eve. Recent politics, as per usual, take interpretive words literal, placing certain rights above others. Continual abuse and lack of a voice prompted a playwright to highlight the everyday struggles women endure; “for when you rape, beat, maim, mutilate, burn, bury and terrorize women, you destroy the essential life energy on the planet,” said Eve Ensler, writer of “The Vagina Monologues.”

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