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Religious organization on the chopping block

With the start of the fall semester, the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is no longer an affiliated club on the Sonoma State University campus. InterVarsity is a Christian group that can be found at universities all over the country, and during the past few years has struggled to keep active at SSU. 

Women’s basketball falls to Stanislaus, Chico

Aryssa Carvalho, Asst. News Editor December 10, 2013

The Sonoma State Seawolves Women’s basketball fell short this weekend against Cal State Stanislaus and Chico State. The game on Friday against Cal State Stanislaus was their first conference game of the season. 

Finding help for grief carriers

Aryssa Carvalho, Asst. News Editor November 5, 2013

Sonoma State’s Grief and Loss Group provides students with the emotional support that some need after losing someone close to them.


‘Maze’ runners journey in darkness

Aryssa Carvalho, Asst. News Editor October 29, 2013

My friend Gian and I were some of the first to show up to the corn maze at the Petaluma Pumpkin Patch, which opened its doors Thursday evening to Sonoma State students.    

‘War and Peace’ speakers share stories, propose change

Aryssa Carvalho, Asst. News Editor October 22, 2013

The problems between Israel and Palestine were presented at Sonoma State University’s War and Peace Lecture Series on Oct. 14 to listen and discuss the ways to make a change.

Freshmen share expectations, insight

Aryssa Carvalho, Asst. News Editor October 16, 2013

There are many items on the freshman year checklist, yet most students fail to see the instructions to take the Cooperative Institutional Research Program Freshman Survey. This year’s survey is called “SSU at a Glance: First-Time Freshmen 2013,” and was put online for all first-time freshmen to review, but students were not forced to take it.


High school tediousness never ends

I thought that when high school was over I would be done taking classes that I had no interest in. I was under the assumption that college classes would be different than high school classes. 


Budgeting goes a long way for starving college students

I’ve been told that I have expensive taste. This can sometimes be a problem seeing as, like most college students, I’m poor. Sure I have a job, or two, but after all the bills are paid it is difficult not to spend the rest of my paycheck on clothing and other things I don’t really need. Lately, all I want to do is shop. A new season means new clothing, right? 


Three keys to going the distance

Aryssa Carvalho, Asst. News Editor September 24, 2013

Nothing is worse than being away from the one you hold closest to your heart. Being in a long distance relationship is one of the most difficult things I have ever done. 


Roomie Diaries: Coexistence is key

Aryssa Carvalho, Asst. News Editor September 17, 2013

Living with others can be difficult and I quickly learned this while trying to adjust to life as a freshman at SSU. Freshman year, my roommates and I had many disagreements that lead to fights, arguments or worse, the silent treatment.

Health 101 magazine relies on student feedback

Aryssa Carvalho, Asst. News Editor September 10, 2013

Last school year SSU, as well as many other CSU campuses, was awarded a grant through California Mental Health Services Authority to send out a Student Health 101 magazine.


Student Center opening delayed

Aryssa Carvalho, Asst. News Editor September 3, 2013

The Student Center was scheduled to open at the beginning of the school year, but it has yet to open its doors to the campus community after almost three weeks into the fall semester.  

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