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Take advantage of summer

Tyler Drinnen, Staff Writer May 6, 2014

As we wrap up the spring semester, thus completing the 2013 to 2014 school year, the reality of those hot summer days begin to set into the back of our minds. I’ve already felt a change in weather patterns but the daydreams containing grains of sandy beaches between my toes, or the sun setting in the distance with a Corona in hand, seem so much more important to me than what I’m actually doing right now.


Finals: outdated method of testing comprehension

Tyler Drinnen, Staff Writer April 29, 2014

While the weather remains noticeably indecisive, one thing for sure remains clear: the term known as “dead week” is here. In the week leading up to finals, the library becomes a sanctuary intended for cramming last minute information for final exams and term papers, making it imaginably one of the largest college clichés of every semester.


Nightmare on East Cotati

Tyler Drinnen, Staff Writer April 22, 2014

I arrived at Sonoma State three years ago, taking college level courses with a goal of getting my degree done within four years. It seemed to be reasonable. Now fast forward, taking into consideration the minor unplanned bumps in the road of past semester flops and class cuts, senior graduation appeared to be in arm’s reach.


Time to get that rear in gear

Tyler Drinnen, Staff Writer April 15, 2014

We have reached the middle of April. As we begin pulling out the books for some final review, many would say that our original New Year’s resolutions with goals like “going to the gym and getting a six-pack” slowly begin to diminish.


Don’t put off for tomorrow what can be done today

Tyler Drinnen, Staff Writer April 8, 2014

As I sat surrounded by the white walls of my new apartment, I pondered the term “motivation.” The white walls in front of me begin to come to life with images of accomplishments I achieved up until this point of my life. 


Students create Sonoma State’s first public relations firm

Tyler Drinnen, Staff Writer April 1, 2014

When the idea was made to house a student-run public relations firm within the communication studies department at Sonoma State, the feedback amongst the communications students and community was seen as an encouraging step in the right direction with developing a new student outlet.


KSUN presents ‘Live at Lobo’s’

Tyler Drinnen, Staff Writer March 11, 2014

Sonoma State is forgetting the local coffee shop vibe and mixing up the public’s music interest with a variety of musical performances beginning at 8 p.m. every Monday night in Lobo’s.


Reverend Jarrett Maupin speaks outs against racism

Tyler Drinnen, Staff Writer March 4, 2014

With the conclusion of Black History Month, Wednesday’s “Evening with Reverend Jarrett Maupin,” put on by Associated Student Productions (ASP), raised the issues of racism and inequality here on campus, amongst other schools that operate similarly to Sonoma State. 


Student Spotlight: Kassi Brownlow

Tyler Drinnen, Staff Writer February 25, 2014

Kassi Brownlow has become a common name among the business department within the last few years here at Sonoma State.  


Who wants to be the next American cash cow

Tyler Drinnen, Staff Writer February 18, 2014

Pop culture in today’s world has become the leading example of what people regularly form their opinions on. The culture that has been created from the arts has now become a system based solely on supply and demand; where we the people are no longer just the viewing audience but the test group for future “product” development and promotion. 

More inspiration, less expectations

Tyler Drinnen, Staff Writer February 11, 2014

A stern finger was shaken in front of my face for 12 years of school. They would say “don’t do this, don’t do that, this is the only way.” With little to no room to express and show inspired thoughts in the educational classroom, I was completely unable to fulfill my real potential towards a life of practicing inspiring success. 

How to buy happiness

Tyler Drinnen, Staff Writer February 4, 2014

Can money really buy happiness? It’s not so easy to create an argument between the correlation of money and happiness with such a gray area surrounding the concept.

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