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America, it’s time to go on a diet

Taylor Graham, Staff Writer December 9, 2014

Bigger is better, right?  Not necessarily.  

The rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease are steadily increasing every year in the United States. The rise in obesity has heavily contributed to the unhealthy diets and lack of exercise in many people’s lives. Although these are both large factors in the obesity epidemic, they are not the only reasons American’s are getting bigger and bigger.  


Taylor Graham, Staff Writer November 18, 2014

Be skinny, but not too skinny. Have curves, but not too many curves. Wear makeup, but not too much makeup.  

The naked truth: ‘Sexting’

Taylor Graham, Staff Writer November 11, 2014

“Send nudes” is a text message many girls have received at least once. In this generation, “sexting,” which is the sending of sexually explicit material through mobile phones, is considered just another way of flirting with someone. Especially in the college atmosphere, where binge drinking and casual sex are prominent, “sexting” is about as common as seeing a white girl with a Starbucks cup.

No pain no game: The truth about CrossFit

Taylor Graham, Staff Writer November 4, 2014

When people hear, “CrossFit” they usually assume the conversation that follows will include talk about the Paleo diet, someone’s new LuLu Lemon outfit and a workout of the day (commonly referred to as WOD by crossfitters), all strung together with excessive use of the words “bro” or “brah.”  


Banned Books Week celebrates freedom to read

Taylor Graham, Staff Writer September 23, 2014

Each year, hundreds of books are challenged and banned from libraries across the United States.  This week, Sonoma State University Library celebrates the 34th annual Banned Books Week. Banned Books Week helps bring the censorship to attention and celebrates the freedom to read. 


Student minds reach level of trance

Taylor Graham, Staff Writer September 16, 2014

A girl was running around screaming about the bees flying around her head.  A guy had multiple band-aids on his face because he kept bleeding.  Another guy was scooting around the floor on his butt to try and put a fire out. The Fun Police were writing tickets to the audience members who laughed.  There was even a girl who was having an argument with a chair.  Along with the extreme weather changes, the reeking odor and the dance auditions, the audience was thoroughly entertained.  

Campus responds to Chico’s nomination for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Taylor Graham, Staff Writer September 9, 2014

Anthony Gallino, president of Associated Students, along with 11 other students, jumped into a pool in response to Chico State challenging Sonoma State to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at 3:45 p.m. on Friday afternoon. 

Healthy habits through inMotion

Taylor Graham, Staff Writer September 2, 2014

Adult obesity rates in Sonoma County are at 22.9 percent.  Although this may seem high, it is about 5 percent lower than the rest of the United States, which averages an obesity rate of 27.7 percent. One way that Sonoma State University continues to fight against obesity is by presenting its students with many options of physical activities to participate in. 


Alumni Spotlight: Trevor Reece

Taylor Graham, Staff Writer August 26, 2014

When we were children, we had crazy dreams of what we wanted to become. Some of us wanted to be rock stars or movie stars or even the president. Whatever our dreams were, we pretty much all aimed to be the top person in that specific career. Our parents told us to “shoot for the stars,” in support of our dreams, knowing that most of us would fall short of our original, uninhibited goals. Trevor Reece, however, just made a giant step in fulfilling a childhood dream of his own.

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