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Best Hangout Spot: The Lakes

Sonoma State has a variety of scenic areas to stop, take a breath and appreciate the lush, green campus. These spots range from the quiet Butterfly Garden to the lively Tuscany quad. Only one could come out on top. Seawolves voted and gave the title of  best “overall place on campus” to the Lakes.

The art of saying no and letting go of toxic people

Shyanne Lopez, Opinion Editor April 29, 2014

Growing up, we are always taught that the decent thing to do is forgive and forget. Those words have been repeated for generations, drilled into our minds with other basic moral teachings like saying “please” and “thank you.” But now, far away from those elementary classrooms where teachers taught us originally “forgive and forget,” I can’t help but think about how that phrase needs to be forgotten. 

Get outside of your comfort zone

Shyanne Lopez, Opinion Editor April 22, 2014

Every day, do something that scares you. I’m not going to take credit for those words of wisdom; that’s definitely some paraphrasing of Eleanor Roosevelt. Her phrasing is probably even more eloquent, but that’s beside the point.

Documentary is less ‘Religulous,’ much more ridiculous

Shyanne Lopez, Opinion Editor April 8, 2014

Documentaries can be some of the most controversial types of film. They usually tell some type of story, whether it’s about a war that took place centuries ago, how unethical Seaworld is, or a man who was “catfished” into thinking the 50-year-old woman he dated on Facebook was 24.


Silly love songs

Shyanne Lopez, Opinion Editor February 11, 2014

It’s that time of year again. Everything is pink and red at the grocery store and the florists are going to make a killing this week. From a corporate perspective, Valentine’s Day is a goldmine. If one were to judge at a more personal level though, the holiday is usually a hit or miss. There are two types of people: those who love Valentine’s day and those who don’t. 

Off on the right foot

Shyanne Lopez, Opinion Editor January 28, 2014

You broke your New Year’s Resolution and

January isn’t even over yet - now what? 
A New Year’s resolution really is a funny thing if you think about it.

To protect and to serve

Shyanne Lopez, Opinion Editor November 5, 2013

From a young age it is ingrained in us that the Police are the good guys. They’re the protectors of cities, small communities and even college campuses.


It’s my culture, not a costume

Shyanne Lopez, Opinion Editor October 29, 2013

It seems like October always flies right by, what with the anticipation for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

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