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False face of terrorism

Ryan Green, Staff Writer December 15, 2015

The definition of terrorism in America has become nearly as skewed as the crime itself. If you ask anyone to imagine a terrorist, chances are they’ll imagine him with a turban on his head. What led Americans to this racist and incorrect conclusion?



It’s not the school, it’s you

Ryan Green, Staff Writer December 8, 2015

People complain that there is nothing to do around campus. Is there really nothing to do, or is it you who chooses not to do anything?



Corruption hidden by ‘partnership’

Ryan Green, Staff Writer November 17, 2015

I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), because the countries involved have been confidentially negotiating the terms of the treaty for nearly the past eight years.


Quality education worth striking for

Ryan Green, Staff Writer November 10, 2015

The faculty across the CSU system have voted to call a strike, asking for a 5 percent salary increase. According to the California Faculty Administration, 94 percent of members voted ‘yes’ to the strike.


Students honor Andy Lopez, protest police brutality

Ryan Green, Staff Writer October 26, 2015

Sonoma State University’s Social Justice and Activism Club held a silent rally Thursday in protest of police brutality and to honor the two year anniversary of Andy Lopez’ death.

Governor bans concealed weapons on campuses

Ryan Green, Staff Writer October 20, 2015

California Governor Jerry Brown approved legislation Oct. 10 that prohibits concealed weapons on school and university campuses throughout the state.

Warrant issued for arrest of bicycle thief

Ryan Green, Staff Writer October 13, 2015

Bike thefts have been a recurring issue at Sonoma State University, and thus far no arrests have been made although at one point campus police believed they had a suspect identified.

Green Music Center amphitheater awaiting funding

Ryan Green, Staff Writer October 6, 2015

The construction of an amphitheater behind the Green Music Center has come to a stop over uncertainty about whether the funds exist to complete the stage, according to university officials. The amphitheater would host a wider range of artists, appealing more to the student demographic. 


Funding for the future: Knowledge or war?

Ryan Green, Staff Writer September 28, 2015

Everyone knows that the United States military is too large, however, Americans aren’t told how large it actually is. According to a White House report, President Obama put aside $561 billion for defense for the 2015-16 fiscal year, which is already $38 billion over budget. On the other hand, the Department of Education was given only $70.7 billion. The United States is interested in its future, but it hasn’t decided which future to pursue.



The reality of educational priorities

Ryan Green, Staff Writer September 15, 2015

Education has been lacking in America. National Public Radio reports that every year, more and more countries outperform American students in areas like math, science and reading.


Voting: Why should you care?

Ryan Green, Staff Writer September 7, 2015

The number of voting college students has been in decline for the past decade. After some quick math from the US Census Bureau, I found that 58 percent of the 66 million total college students are either not registered voters, or just don’t take the time to vote. So why aren’t college students voting? And, more importantly, why should they?


Luxury housing doesn’t address student needs

Ryan Green, Staff Writer September 1, 2015

Brookfield Residential Properties Inc. has begun construction on a new residential complex on the corner of Rohnert Park Expressway and Petaluma Hill road, just across the street from the Green Music Center. The complex is planned to have over 1200 homes, an apartment complex, two parks, and a commercial center, encouraging a sense of community. However, the current proposition for construction can be changed to better benefit Sonoma State.

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