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Trump abruptly fires FBI Director James Comey

Olivia Hunt, Staff Writer May 16, 2017

Adding to the thread of unprecedented and suspicious behaviors demonstrated by President Trump, FBI director James Comey was abruptly fired last Tuesday.


Suicide misrepresented in “13 Reasons Why”

Olivia Hunt, Staff Writer April 27, 2017

The new Netflix Original Series, “13 Reasons Why,” has been widely successful and considered binge-worthy by many. It was adapted from a novel written by Jay Asher in 2007.


The tragic loss of Sheila Abdus-Salaam

Olivia Hunt, Staff Writer April 17, 2017

During the turbulent political climate we are currently in, it’s absolutely crucial now more than ever to have equal and fair representation within our judicial system.


Pepsi misses the mark on activism

Olivia Hunt, Staff Writer April 11, 2017

In a cringe-worthy attempt to appeal to consumer culture, Pepsi’s new advertisement shamelessly commercializes protests and appropriates social justice movements.


Republicans actively harming women’s health

Olivia Hunt, Staff Writer April 4, 2017

“I’m pregnant and I’m going to have an abortion,” a girl leans over the table and whispers to her friend at a bustling coffee shop. “I’m 19 years old and trying to finish college, I’m just not prepared mentally, emotionally or financially to make such a lifelong decision right now.”

American springbreakers embarrass entire country

Olivia Hunt, Staff Writer April 2, 2017

“In politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue.” This is the advice that former President Barack Obama gave during his commencement speech to the students of Rutgers University in 2016.


“The Bachelor” portrays unrealistic relationship standards

Olivia Hunt, Staff Writer March 8, 2017

“The Bachelor,” a reality dating show, has always received criticism for its portrayal of modern dating, its heterosexual nature and its obvious lack of racial diversity.


In one month, Trump accrues more travel expenses then Obama

Olivia Hunt, Staff Writer February 28, 2017

During just the first month of his presidency, the enigma that is Donald Trump has managed to surpass the travel expenses of Obama’s average presidential year.


Russia decriminalizes domestic violence

Olivia Hunt, Staff Writer February 24, 2017

There’s an old Russian proverb that says: “If he beats you it means he loves you.”  
On Feb. 7, President Putin signed a controversial bill which decriminalizes domestic violence to first-time offenders who do not cause serious bodily harm to their partners, claiming that law shouldn’t interfere with family affairs.


Nevertheless, she persisted

Olivia Hunt, Staff Writer February 14, 2017

“Nevertheless, she persisted,” are the words that Republican Senators used to justify the silencing of Senator Elizabeth Warren from delivering a speech consisting of a letter Coretta Scott King had written 30 years ago.

Political protests must be intersectional

Olivia Hunt, Staff Writer February 2, 2017

For a majority of the country, the past few weeks have left us physically and mentally drained. Our country is more divided than ever and our rights are being stripped away.


George Zimmerman puts murder weapon up for sale

Olivia Hunt, Staff Writer May 16, 2016

This past Thursday he sparked controversy after putting the gun he used to shoot Martin with, up for sale on multiple gun sale websites. He was attempting to sell the gun for $5,000 and listed it as a “piece of American history,” but multiple websites refused to accommodate the sale and others claimed it was bringing too much traffic to their site.

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