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Commencement ceremony presents new regulations for graduates

Michelle Violetti May 10, 2017

Not only will students graduating in May be embarking on a new journey in their lives, they will be the first to experience graduation at Sonoma State University’s Weill Hall.

The Green Music Center will now host Sonoma State’s Commencement ceremony. Also new rules will be in place. No alcohol will be permitted during the ceremony and glitter cannot be used in the decoration of ceremony caps.


Lecture finds focus with the Clean Water Act

Michelle Violetti April 18, 2017

Karrigan Börk, assistant professor at the University of Pacific spoke at Sonoma State University on Wednesday. Börk’s lecture ‘Ditching Our Innocence: The Clean Water Act in the Age of Anthropocene’ was apart of the the John and Mary Louise Riley Geology Lecture Series, sponsored by the Sonoma State Geology Club.

Due to recent federal legislative changes ditches are no longer protected under national the Clean Water Act. This has sparked disapproval and concern in the environmental community. Missouri Farm Bureau has promoted #ditchtherule in efforts to express objection to the new outlines of the water policy. 


Social Justice lecture focuses on Israeli conflict

Michelle Violetti April 13, 2017

Political revolutionists, civil rights advocates and environmental awareness movements all sing the same tune for social justice.

“Systemic transformational change has always been initially advocated by third parties,” said David Cobb, a Green Party member who spoke on ‘How to Engage Electoral Politics in an Age of emerging Fascism’ at Sonoma State University’s Social Justice week. The week long focus on social justice, included workshops and lectures that took place Monday through Friday.


Conference provides learning opportunity

Michelle Violetti April 4, 2017

Instagram photographs of black women and their ranging in skin tones are meant to celebrate the color of one’s skin. Valerie Moreno’s photos capture the essence of black Puerto Rican natives. 

Moreno showcased her photographic movement at the first annual North Bay Womxn of Color Conference on Wednesday at Sonoma State University. Themed workshops shined light on a variety of issues and creative movements pertaining to women of color. Some of these topics included uncommonly known Title XI, creating empowerment by gaining tools of consent, the cultivation of self via the power of yoga and combating high rates of Latina teen suicide by gaining knowledge and creating conversations.


Economist speaks on capitalism alternatives

Michelle Violetti March 7, 2017

Economics as a study, introduces how capitalism functions and benefits our American society. Yet that’s where it ends in regards to critical analysis, shared Richard A. Wolff last Monday in the Green Music Center at Sonoma State University.

His talk, Alternatives to Capitalism, is one of the many social justice lectures series donated by Andrea Nettle, a former professor of education at Sonoma State.


Lecture highlights underrepresented groups in film

Michelle Violetti February 28, 2017

Film research can raise alarming truths of gender, ethnicity and other identity groups.

According to a study conducted by the USC Annenberg School, women are disproportionately appearing in film.


Campus lecture offers insight on platonic solids

Michelle Violetti February 16, 2017

“Exceptional platonic solids are beautiful three dimensional figures,” explained St. Mary’s College Professor Andrew Connor on Wednesday.

“The reason they have so much symmetry, [is because] they are made of regular polygons. Meaning the edges of the faces all have equal length and the angles are all the same. Faces are all congruent to one another,” said Connor during his lecture at Sonoma State University.

Seawolves Speak: students react to possible tuition increase

Michelle Violetti February 7, 2017

California State University proposed a five percent tuition increase to take effect in fall 2017. The change will affect the entire 23 campus system, including Sonoma State University. The CSU system will vote on the tuition increase proposal, resulting in a boost of no more than $270 per student, March 21-22. The tuition increase has been reported to go to various items including Graduation Initiative 2025, funded enrollment growth, facilities and campus infrastructure, employee compensation and mandatory costs. In the hopes of hearing what the campus has to say on the subject, Sonoma State students were asked “what are your thoughts on the possible tuition increase to be voted on in March?”


Pulitzer Prize director speaks at the GMC

Michelle Violetti February 7, 2017

Jose Antonio Vargas finds it crucial to look to the past, in order to think critically on the topic of immigration and citizenship today. “Documented,” a film for CNN, was directed by Vargas, a Pulitzer Prize Winner. He is the founder and CEO of Define America and continues advocating for undocumented people.

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