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‘Amazing Spiderman 2’: hardly lives up to name

Compared to the first “Spider-Man” series, directed by Sam Raimi starring Tobey Maguire and Kristin Dunst, “The Amazing Spider-Man” series is a step up in many ways: visual effects, engaging actors and sound effects that make one feel aware of the movie’s mood and tone.


Neon Trees’ psycho-dance party

Melanie Hernandez, Staff Writer April 29, 2014

After the release of Neon Trees’ single “Sleeping with a Friend” in January, the small town band from Provo, Utah released their third album on April 22. The alternative dance rock album called “Pop Psychology” was released through Island Records. Any album cover should represent the album’s songs and rhythms. Neon Tree’s newest album did exactly that with its fluorescent colors and their 80s look wardrobe. 


Eliot Chang brings laughs

Melanie Hernandez, Staff Writer April 22, 2014

If you are easily offended, leave NOW,” said the voice coming from the speakers of Ives 101 when introducing Eliot Chang. “Scandalous Stand Up” was an appropriate title for Chang’s comedy show, who made many jokes to engage the crowd of about 60 people on Thursday night.


‘Oculus’ reflects true horror

Melanie Hernandez, Staff Writer April 15, 2014

Most horror movies consist of cheesy acting and overly gory blood scenes. But in the case of “Oculus,” it is surely a film that anyone who is interested in the genre should see.


‘Beautiful Scars’ a fairytale adventure

For many successful people, the main root of their accomplishment is the person who inspires them to keep pushing through no matter what. This idea is emphasized in the graphic novel “Beautiful Scars,” released April 2 by writers and illustrators Durwin S. Talon and E. Guin Thompson via publisher Archaia.


Dolores Huerta delivers inspiring speech

Rousing the audience with the chant of “Who’s got the power? We’ve got the power,” civil rights activist Dolores Huerta ended her talk at Sonoma State Thursday with a loud round of applause and standing ovation from the crowd. 


Annual ‘Stress Less’ event helps students relax, have fun

Melanie Hernandez, Staff Writer March 11, 2014

Overall, midterms and college can be stressful; students need breaks in order to refocus themselves on their work and have the correct knowledge on how to stay stress free. 


Student Spotlights: STAR artists Eddie Blake and Robbie Geiss

Robbie Geiss, a Sonoma County native, is a junior at Sonoma State who has been doing illustrations for the STAR since fall 2013. 


History Club journeys forth into the past

Melanie Hernandez, Staff Writer February 26, 2014

For anyone who has a passion for history, the Sonoma State History Club is an opportunity to be educated, engaged and enlightened about history. 


SSU Sibling’s Weekend reunites families

Melanie Hernandez, Staff Writer February 11, 2014

Being away from college often makes it difficult to keep in touch with younger, or even older, siblings. One way to reconnect with siblings is to be visited by them for a weekend of activities at Sonoma State University. 


Desktop Yoga relieves stress, increases flexibility

Melanie Hernandez, Staff Writer February 4, 2014

As a professor, a lot of time is spent sitting at a desk in the same position for hours at a time, leaving your body sore by the end of the day. 


Wine Sense Club builds up wine appreciation

Melanie Hernandez, Staff Writer January 28, 2014

Sonoma State University lies in the heart of wine country, so why not be educated on the fundamentals of wine? 

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