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Video games sharpen teamwork skills

Luis Madrigal, Staff Writer September 26, 2018

Sonoma State students filled The Hub Wednesday night as they gathered to play Overwatch and talk about leadership skills. Students at the event talked about leadership skills they can obtain through video games and also had the chance to show their skills off.

This was The Hub’s first video game event that they put on to reach gamers at Sonoma State. Overwatch was released in 2016 and is a team-based multiplayer shooter game that requires the players to have good communication as well as be able to work as a team to succeed. It is a very popular game amongst college students. According to an article from Fortune, about 40 million people play around the world, so Overwatch is well known. 


Students shine during “Late Night with Lobos”

Luis Madrigal, Staff Writer September 12, 2018

Sonoma State students filled up Lobo’s Friday evening as they gathered for “Late Night with Lobo” featuring “Pop Takeover” karaoke. Every seat was taken as students were eating, drinking and enjoying their peers’ singing. 

    Karaoke night at Lobo’s was a perfect way for students to relax and have fun after completing their third week of school. These events are put on by Sonoma State for students on campus who are looking for something fun to do on the weekend. “Late Nights with Lobo” takes place every Friday night at Lobo’s,  and students can come participate in activities like trivia nights, crafts and karaoke.


Internship fair provides opprotunities for students

Luis Madrigal, Staff Writer September 5, 2018

During this second week of school,  Sonoma State hosted the Seawolf Service and Internship Fair in the Salazar Plaza. Students were able to stop by and check out any of the organizations tabling that day and get more information on how they can start an internship or better their resume with their volunteer service. Events like these are a great resource provided by Sonoma State, because according to an article from The New York Times, “a survey found that 41 percent of employers said they considered volunteer work as important as paid work.” For new and continuing students, this is a great way for them to begin thinking about their futures and how they can obtain the skills necessary for their careers. Some of the organizations at the fair include: environmental causes, elder support services, children’s after school programs and Internships opportunities, so students had a variety of options to interact with. Many students were present and kept a lot of the tables busy as they hoped to gain more information on the opportunities each organization had. According to the Sonoma State website, over 50 nonprofit and government organizations were present so students had the opportunity to find something that they liked.

Sonoma State straw ban beneficial

Luis Madrigal, Staff Writer August 31, 2018

Whenever you buy a drink at a food facility on campus, you almost always expect a straw with it as a lot of people need it to drink their beverage or simply a straw. It’s something that people don’t really think about: Where that straw came from,  how it was made or even what effect it has on the planet. This will soon change, however, as many places, including Sonoma State University, will only be giving straws upon request due to the effect of plastic on global warming.

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