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Campus Observatory to receive overdue renovation

Konrad Schoffer February 28, 2017

The Observatory at Sonoma State University that has seen more than four decades of operation and instruction in astronomy will soon undergo the process of being renovated.

“The old facility had a flat roof design, which led to standing water that led to degradation over time. The new facility will have a domed roof structure. This will make a more effective protection from the environment,” said assistant professor Thomas Targett.


Sonoma State rooted in free speech: Remembering activist and professor Mario Savio

Konrad Schoffer February 22, 2017

In the 1960s the University of California, Berkeley was the birthplace of student activism and the Free Speech Movement. Among the founders of the movement was Mario Savio, a former Sonoma State University faculty member in his later years. Despite his passing in 1996, students at Sonoma State are still impacted by Savio and his beliefs.

The Mario Savio Speakers’ Corner is a memorial at Sonoma State commemorating his life and work, located near the corner of Stevenson and International Hall. 


Influenza finds host at Sonoma State

Konrad Schoffer February 14, 2017

There are more than 9,000 students at Sonoma State University excluding staff. Most students don’t realize that touching keyboards, doorknobs and countertops place them at risk for sharing common ailments, including the flu.


Shangri-La gives students a taste of Nepal

Konrad Schoffer February 7, 2017

Shangri-La is a Nepalese restaurant offering a broad range of curries including fish, chicken, lamb, vegan, vegetarian and gluten free dishes. Clay oven baked naan and Tibetan/Nepali momos are also served. 

Co-owner Meenakshi Sharma is from Nepal and opened her restaurant at 1706 East Cotati Ave. in the Wolf Den Plaza across from Sonoma State University more than 12 years ago. 


Craft beer class offered at Sonoma State

Konrad Schoffer February 7, 2017

Humans have had an intimate relationship with beer making for thousands of years.  According to the New York Times, the accidental discovery of making beer may have begun 10,000 years ago. Some have even argued that the need to domesticate and store grain required organization that eventually led to modern civilizations.     

Colonists in North America began a legacy of brewing that continues today. In California the first brewery began in San Francisco, in the late 19th century, brewing a unique style of Steam Beer.

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