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Millennials ditching malls for thrift stores

Kitana Gachero, Staff Writer May 16, 2017

With a little bit of creativity and even less money, you can recreate your favorite designer looks without ever having to step foot in an expensive mall. But just exactly where can you go if you’re balling on a budget? Thrift stores.


Shea Moisture misses the mark in new advertisement

Shea Moisture ruffled some curls, coils and tresses this past week with their questionable advertisement depicting three white women raving about a brand predominantly purchased by black women.

Why veganism can help save the environment

Kitana Gachero, Staff Writer April 27, 2017

There’s no doubt America is a large consumer of animal products. But how much animal products do Americans actually consume?


YouTubers, honesty is the best policy

Kitana Gachero, Staff Writer April 17, 2017

Chances are you or someone you know religiously watches YouTube videos from their favorite “gurus.” Mostly likely, if you’re going to invest in any beauty products then you’ll probably head to your favorite guru’s channel for more insight.


Hate crimes spike in U.S.

Kitana Gachero, Staff Writer February 28, 2017

“Build the Wall,” “Go Home,” and “Vote Trump” have all been triggering buzzwords connected to the recent outbreak of hate crimes across the United States.


Study shows surface pollution reaching ocean depths

Kitana Gachero, Staff Writer February 24, 2017

Earth’s ever present pollution issues have become more severe than surface level. Pesticides, industrial chemicals and pharmaceutical byproducts are just a few of the pollutants recently found in the deep depths of the ocean floor.


UC Berkeley protest blurs lines of First Amendment

Kitana Gachero, Staff Writer February 14, 2017

The fine line between hate-speech and free-speech was exacerbated last Wednesday night at the University of California, Berkeley when initial peaceful protests resulted in $100,000 in damage to the campus.

Bringing awareness to often overlooked disease

Kitana Gachero, Staff Writer February 8, 2017

As of 2017 In the United States alone, 12,990 women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer. Of that, 4,120 will die from this disease as reported by researchers at San Diego State University.
Cervical cancer occurs in the lower part of the uterus. Many women are susceptible to this disease, which affects thousands per year.

Students’ guide to staying politically involved

Kitana Gachero, Staff Writer February 2, 2017

Scrolling down your Facebook timeline post-inauguration day you might find endless Trump slander memes as well as your Facebook friends engaged in full on cyber arguments about politics. On the other...


Students lose control with guest hypnotist

Kitana Gachero, Staff Writer December 6, 2016

Imagine being subjected to controlling your own body, but not having the power to control your own mind. This characterizes the general feeling of hypnosis.

“Who here would like to be hypnotized,” said Gabriel Holmes, a well-known hypnotist hosting a show at Sonoma State University last Friday.


Poetry workshop encourages student expression

Kitana Gachero, Staff Writer November 23, 2016

Poetry is characterized as a creative, rhythmical and imaginative way to express certain thoughts, ideas or feelings. It’s a compelling display of emotion that evokes a certain amount of empathy from an audience. Poetry is a form of creative writing that allows people to express their ideas in a thought provoking way that may draw on positive, negative, angry or happy emotions.The HUB, an integral center for diversity and and creativity located in Sonoma State University’s student center, hosted a poetry workshop last Wednesday, led by successful poet and hip-hop artist Dahlak Brathwaite.

Women’s group helps fight for rights

Kitana Gachero, Staff Writer November 8, 2016

Feminism is a movement that has been prevalent in society dating back as early as 1848 which was the beginning of the Women’s Right’s Movement. For over century women have fought for equal rights socially, economically and politically. An organization dedicated to supporting this cause is The League of Woman Voters.

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