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Suicide by cop controversy

Kendall Grove, Staff Writer May 16, 2017

In the U.S., police protocol and brutality have been heavy topics for many years and even with newly implemented technology, the situation has not progressed much.


Freedom of press declines

Kendall Grove, Staff Writer May 11, 2017

Since President Donald Trump has been in office, there has already been many changes. Most leave the opposing party at a loss, but one of his most shocking contributions to office has been his reduction of the freedom of the press.


High drivers more common than drunk drivers

Kendall Grove, Staff Writer May 2, 2017

New reports from the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility and the Governors Highway Safety Association suggest that drugs such as marijuana are more likely to be the culprit in fatal crashes than drunk driving. 

Death penalty leads to inhumane and unjust executions

Kendall Grove, Staff Writer April 27, 2017

Arkansas, where the death penalty has remained dormant for the past 12 years, has recently made the decision to execute seven prisoners in 11 days. The reason these executions were all scheduled consecutively is due to the state’s expiring lethal drugs, but this decision may disregard an innocent man’s life as well as carve a path for inhumane executions.


United Airlines boycotts prove to be difficult

Kendall Grove, Staff Writer April 17, 2017

United Airlines has been under fire for the viral video that depicted Dr. Daniel Dao being violently dragged off of their commercial airline. Dao, 69, suffered a broken nose, concussion and lost two front teeth from the altercation, according to the Daily Mail.


“Lovely Little Lonely” falls short of expectations

Kendall Grove, Staff Writer April 10, 2017

“The new record is the most important record that we’ve made,” is what a band called The Maine told PopSugar about their seventh studio album,“Lovely Little Lonely”, that was released on April 7.  The Maine, having recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary, formed in 2007 in Arizona and have continued to release feel good, soul warming music.


Ed Sheeran reaches through the “Divide” between genres

Kendall Grove, Staff Writer March 7, 2017

Ed Sheeran has been a popular artist since his 2011 single “The A Team” became a top 10 hit in 10 different countries. Sheeran is specifically known for his lyrics and has won multiple awards for them over the past few years. 


Transgender rights are attacked by Trump

Kendall Grove, Staff Writer February 28, 2017

The controversy around binary gendered bathrooms has been well debated in the past few years, yet it seems that even after Obama’s directive in 2016 it continues to be a source of argument.


“The Vagina Monologues” lack intersectionality

Kendall Grove, Staff Writer February 23, 2017

Feminism is a source of controversy in the current political climate in the U. S. With the recent women’s marches it may seem like feminism is more relevant now than ever, but it continues to be a debated topic.


Concerns over contaminated medical marijuana

Kendall Grove, Staff Writer February 14, 2017

Since the passing of Proposition 64, the California Marijuana Legalization Initiative, Californians have been anticipating the medical to recreational transition.

San Francisco sues Trump over sanctuary city status

Kendall Grove, Staff Writer February 8, 2017

President Donald Trump has recently signed an executive order stating that federal grant money will be withheld from any sanctuary cities. Sanctuary cities are places where undocumented immigrants can stay without fear of being deported.   

Study shows rise of binge drinking in women

Kendall Grove, Staff Writer February 2, 2017

In a series by the Washington Post about women and alcohol, it’s suggested the rise in binge drinking, particularly for white adult females, has accounted for an increase in death rates. The theory behind this is drawn from the idea that binge drinking has been normalized.

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