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Best Fast Food: In-N-Out

Whether you’re pulling an all-nighter for Finals Week or have a serious case of the drunchies, there’s no better place to get a late-night meal than at the Rohnert Park In-N-Out, Sonoma State students’ favorite fast food restaurant.


Best Dining: Charlie Brown’s Cafe

Where’s the best place to get a refreshing smoothie in the summer, a hot mocha in the winter and a tasty pizza bagel all year round? Look no further than Charlie Brown’s Cafe, Sonoma State students’ favorite place to eat on campus.

Legislation proposes stricter sexual assault policies for colleges

Katie McDonagh, Editor-in-Chief February 25, 2014

In an attempt to strengthen protection for sexual assault victims, new state legislation has been proposed that would hold colleges to uniform policies regarding sexual harassment, assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking. The legislation comes almost one year after the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act was enacted in order to help protect students on college campuses from being individually victimized by sexual assault.

Please join me on the bandwagon

Katie McDonagh, Editor-in-Chief January 21, 2014

In the 2010 and 2012     Major League Baseball post-seasons, I was all but disgusted at the increasing amount of Buster Posey jerseys I saw after every Giants play-off win. A Giants fan all my life, I joined the rallying call against bandwagoners (complete with passive aggressive Facebook statuses).

“No thanks” to Black Friday

Katie McDonagh, Editor-in-Chief November 19, 2013

Thanksgiving used to be my favorite holiday of the year. Good food, great family and fun laughs – for years, nothing could ruin my beloved turkey day.


‘Derek’ is lovable, brilliant

Katie McDonagh, Editor-in-Chief October 15, 2013

“She said, ‘Kindness is magic, Derek. It’s more important to be kind than to be clever, or good-looking.’ I’m not clever or good-looking, but I’m kind.”


Graton opens doors to cameras, controversy

Katie McDonagh, Editor-in-Chief October 8, 2013

Sonoma County: known for butter and eggs, American Graffitti, wine, and now – gambling?

The birds, the bees and their boundaries

Katie McDonagh, Editor-in-Chief September 24, 2013

I was 9 when I first encountered sexual harassment. I was with my dad and my two brothers in a parking lot when a big black monster truck drove by and someone yelled out, “Show me your tits.” 


Wu-Tang Clan, Kid Cudi and more Rock the Bells

Katie McDonagh, Editor-in-Chief September 17, 2013

“That energy you give us,” said Method Man of Wu-Tang Clan to the audience, packed within the seats and lawn of Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View. “That energy you give us, we gon’ give that shit right back to you.”


Bells will be rocking

Katie McDonagh, Editor-in-Chief September 10, 2013

Anyone interested in attending a music festival has about a gazillion to choose from. Big names such as Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Coachella and Electric Daisy Carnival may be the first that come to mind, but their respective solitary locations means that somebody’s going to miss out.

Keep calm and freshman on

Katie McDonagh, Editor-in-Chief September 3, 2013

I don’t really remember my first week of freshman year.

A messed up culture of getting messed up

Katie McDonagh, Editor-in-Chief August 27, 2013

As college students, we are not new to the drinking culture. Though the majority of college students are legally prohibited from consuming or possessing alcohol, it’s no secret that the streets and houses of Rohnert Park are filled with students – over and under age – drinking just to get drunk every weekend.

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