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The podcast you didnt know you needed

Kailey Priest, Staff Writer December 5, 2018

he new podcast that is making men all over “Call Her Daddy,” is an explicit and brutally truth-filled podcast that follows vlogger Alexandra Cooper and her best friend and roommate, Sofia Franklyn, as they cover everything from their social lives in NYC, embarrassing moments, to sex life 101; it’s the podcast you didn’t know you needed.


New Netflix Series is ‘Fright Filled’

Kailey Priest, Staff Writer November 15, 2018

All you scary movie lovers out there drop what you're doing because this new Netflix original is just what you didn't know you needed. With plenty of fright-filled moments and just enough psychological thrillers mixed in the loop, it's a season that is sure to keep you on your toes.


Bringing a taste of Sweden to Petaluma

Kailey Priest, Staff Writer November 7, 2018

While it is no secret that Sonoma County is popular for its wine, it is now more so than ever, becoming a hot spot for food lovers as well. One restaurant that has jumped on this bandwagon is Stockhome, a family-friendly eatery that is located in downtown Petaluma, Calif. Ran by husband and wife Chef Roberth and Andrea Sundell, Stockhome brings something new and Swedish to the Bay Area.


Avery’s path to freedom

Kailey Priest, Staff Writer October 31, 2018

The highly anticipated Netflix original, “Making a Murderer season 2, has finally dropped and it is nothing like the last. While the storyline of Steven Avery continues from the first season with him still fighting for his innocence, it now incorporates his nephew, Brendan Dassey, who was also tried for the murder of 25-year-old photographer Teresa Halbach.


Harvest Stomp leaves a mark on students

Kailey Priest, Staff Writer October 24, 2018

The new addition to University Culinary Services (UCS) on the Sonoma State campus, Stomping Grounds, a wine and coffee bar, is making their mark with none other than a wine stain. 

Stomping Grounds first event of many, Harvest Stomp, took place on the patio of the Wine Spectator building in front of Stomping Grounds. The event allowed the first 100 people to stomp grapes and be able to customize their very own tee-shirt with their wine stained footprints in remembrance of the first annual grape stomp. 


Merits of service learning

Kailey Priest, Staff Writer October 17, 2018

Service Learning is a topic that comes into play every year at Sonoma State University, and for teachers, it is time to decide if it should apart of their classroom environment. 

Tips and Trends is a resource for students and teachers put on by Merith Weisman and Caroline Banuelos from the Center for Community Engagement (CCE). This year’s topic was service learning and how it can be incredibly beneficial to students in their years here for college.


Inspiring women share life stories during ‘Women in Conversation’

Kailey Priest, Staff Writer October 3, 2018

Three women who were incredible speakers with three very different stories took to the stage for “Women in Conversation” at the Green Music Center for the third year, attracting people from all over California.

The first speaker was none other than our very own President of Sonoma State University Judy Sakaki. Second was abduction survivor and founder of the JAYC foundation and author of two best sellers, Jaycee Dugard. Lastly, was motivational speaker Dr. Tererai Trent. All three speakers discussed their personal upbringings and moving stories, creating a wave of emotions throughout the venue. 


Not your Average Houdini

Kailey Priest, Staff Writer September 26, 2018

Everyone loves a good magic trick, but add a little comedy and you've got a binge worthy show! Magician and comedian Justin Willman takes the best of both worlds to create a short one season Netflix...


“The first Degree”-new suspense thriller

Kailey Priest, Staff Writer September 12, 2018

Podcasts have been around for years, but only recently have they started to gain major popularity. The range of podcast topics are endless--from comedy, to politics, to crime, the podcast scene covers...


Netflix implements advertisements on platform

Kailey Priest, Staff Writer September 10, 2018

Backlash surfaces after some Netflix viewers are beginning to experience advertisements between episodes. While not all viewers are experiencing these ads, no one seems to be too happy about it. Before...


Has “Jaws” been replaced?

Kailey Priest, Staff Writer September 5, 2018

In the shark movie genre, it is known that the bigger the shark is, the better, and that when you hear the distinct scream from the beach “SHARK” everyone knows some unlucky person won't make it...


Guest speaker talks climate change and sustainability

Kailey Priest, Staff Writer April 18, 2018

“If there’s one thing that the environmental movement has not been very good at is pointing the fingers and telling people what to do and how to live,” said Dr. Karen O’Brien this past Wednesday...

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