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‘Disaster Artist’ retells infamous Wiseau story

Jana Duncan, Staff Writer December 13, 2017

Based on the novel with the same title, “The Disaster Artist” tells the story of Wiseau and Greg Sestero as they make the failed movie known as “The Room.” Though the plot encompasses the making of “The Room,” there is much more to it.


Pixar strikes a chord with “Coco”

Jana Duncan, Staff Writer December 5, 2017

While Pixar has produced movies ranging from stories about sentient bugs, cars, toys, and beyond, they chose to take a turn for the cultural, and didn’t disappoint.


Marvel continues Thor narrative with “Ragnarok”

Jana Duncan, Staff Writer November 7, 2017

With a budget of $180 million, according to IMDb, this blockbuster had all the glitz and glam of a major motion picture.


Relief not arriving fast enough for Puerto Rico

Jana Duncan, Staff Writer October 26, 2017

After a massive hurricane ripped through the island of Puerto Rico, leaving the death count at 34 and rising, Puerto Ricans are left without energy or clean water, and a president they can’t rely on for help or compassion.


Prison inmates as firefighters paid unfairly

Jana Duncan, Staff Writer October 24, 2017

Firefighters are heroes. But what about the hardworking firefighters who are also prison inmates?          

According to SFGate, 3,800 incarcerated men and women in California serve as firefighters, making up 13 percent of the state’s firefighting force. Each convict who chooses to put themselves in the front lines of firefighting earns $1 per hour fighting fires and $2 per day at the conservation camp which they spend the year at when not fighting fires.


Unprovoked acid attacks plague Europe

Jana Duncan, Staff Writer October 3, 2017

Metropolitan Police based in London reported 455 incidents in 2016 where attackers used corrosive substances as a weapon, according to The New York Times,. With acid attacks becoming an increasing problem in Europe, the question of terrorism comes to mind.


New Seawolf Ambassador program on campus seeks to support clubs, events and community

Jana Duncan, Staff Writer September 27, 2017

The new Seawolf Ambassador program at Sonoma State University, while still in its infancy, is already offering students the opportunity to gain paid work experience.  

Students who work in this program, who are known as Seawolf Ambassadors, will be helping at a variety of campus events, working as ushers, monitoring parking and providing security. 


Students dig into community service at Garden Classroom

Jana Duncan, Staff Writer September 20, 2017

Every Monday from noon to 2 p.m. students can grab some gardening gloves and become a part of the growing, harvesting and composting of food.  

Located next to the Environmental Technology Center in the northwest region of campus, the Garden Classroom is a garden where students play an active role in the cultivation of crops which are donated to a local food pantry, Neighbors Organized Against Hunger.  By experiencing firsthand how some foods are tended to and grown, students can enter not only a working environment, but a learning one.


Professors get creative in Art Studio Faculty Exhibition

Jana Duncan, Staff Writer September 13, 2017

For Sonoma State University students, the upcoming Art Studio Faculty Exhibition is a chance to see their studio art professors not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.    

This gallery, which will be at the University Art Gallery from Sept. 7 through Oct. 15, flips the script on how students view their professors. In a professional setting, students can see what it is like to be a professional artist. 


New compost program a step forward for SSU sustainability

Jana Duncan, Staff Writer September 6, 2017

Convenient composting has finally arrived at the doorsteps of Sonoma State University students.

Under a new composting program, students who live on campus and have a kitchen can sign up to receive a compost waste bin and bags. 100 kits were provided by JUMP as a starting point, and around 50 of these have already been claimed. 


A tipping point for Culinary Services: No more tips for student employees

Jana Duncan, Staff Writer August 30, 2017

Since Aug. 19, Sonoma State University’s Culinary Services have discontinued the acceptance of tips at Charlie Brown’s Café, Sip, W+B, Lobos and Toast as a result of legal requirements.

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