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Death with Dignity gains national recognition

Jalissa Tello, Advertising Director November 11, 2014

Two weeks ago on Nov. 1, Brittany Maynard, a San Francisco resident and UC Berkeley graduate, ended her life.

Making the most of the college experience

Is college all it’s cracked up to be? I mean, of course it is. There are sororities, fraternities, clubs, sports, organizations and everything else one has heard regarding what college life is supposed to consist of.

The right to death

It is hard for some people to remember to wake up in the morning and be thankful for their current situation. It is human to want more than what you have. Realizing that our situation could definitely be worse is helpful in order to understand how blessed we truly are.


Living in a world without animals

With so many events going on in the world and so much that happens within the daily lives of millions of humans across the nation, it is hard to focus on one issue at a time. Before we know it, another event storms news headlines and it is easy to forget about the previous topic. 


Sonoma transportation could use a watch

Some students have the privilege of getting a car from their parents. Many students (like myself) don’t have that luxury or type of financial support. 

Addicted to social media

Jalissa Tello, Advertising Director September 30, 2014

As I arrive on campus early in the morning, I glance around at all of the students who are rushing to class, or casually walking with a friend or two. 85 percent of the people in front of me are on their phones. What is so important that one doesn’t even focus on the ground that he or she is walking on? 

Program launched for foster students

Jalissa Tello, Advertising Director September 23, 2014

This semester, Sonoma State University welcomes a new addition to the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) that promotes academic achievement. The Seawolf Scholars program devotes itself to students on campus who have lived in a foster home during any period of their life by supporting those students financially, socially and academically.


Pollution Prevention Week in Sonoma County

Jalissa Tello, Advertising Director September 16, 2014

An annual phenomenon of promoting sustainability and the environment has made its way back around this year to Sonoma County. Starting on the third Monday of September each year is National Pollution Prevention Week. Originating in California in 1992, Prevention Week has gained popularity throughout the entire nation and in the local community.

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