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Art Building to undergo needed renovations

Emily Twisselmann, Staff Writer December 12, 2018

Sonoma State will be replacing the Art Department’s leaking roof this summer for $800,000.


University temporarily discounts STI testing

Emily Twisselmann, Staff Writer October 31, 2018

From the 22nd to the 26th, funding from the Health Center’s reserve account allowed students to receive a truly incredible deal: blood, urine or swab testing for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and HIV all for just $20.


Marginalization makes SSU conservatives speak out

Emily Twisselmann, Staff Writer October 10, 2018

The phrase “perception is reality” rings as true today as it did when it was coined by Lee Atwater in the 1980s. What this means for a spectrum of conservative Sonoma State students now, is that they’re pretty much in the same boat on a variety of issues. To say the least, their boat sucks. 

Multiple students and observant professors have come forward with their feelings and personal experiences. So far, the testimony has confirmed their collective frustration, pain and fears.


Confidential Sexual Violence Victim’s Advocate relocating to dorm office

Emily Twisselmann, Staff Writer October 2, 2018

Polido said, “I provide individualized, compassionate support…and I do this all in a non-judgmental space.” 


Black student union hosts day of engagement

Emily Twisselmann, Staff Writer September 25, 2018

“We wanted to give the students opportunities,” Brennan said, “not only for a career and college fair, but also opportunities to learn new skills, to connect with each other, and to figure out how to make this world – this community – better, stronger.”


First ever part-time job fair comes to SSU

Emily Twisselmann, Staff Writer September 19, 2018

Over 100 representatives from well-known franchises and local businesses could be seen tabling in front of Salazar Hall and in the Seawolf plaza on Wednesday Sept. 12. The employers were engaged in animated conversation, the students seemed eager and professional; to any passerby, the scene might have seemed like an average job fair.

However, this was, in fact, Sonoma State’s first part-time job fair. Students interested in part-time employment and gaining manageable work experiences were encouraged to show up in professional attire with their student ID card and their resume. According to many, the much-awaited event was a success. 


Student-led classes return to SSU

Emily Twisselmann, Staff Writer September 12, 2018

For the first time in over twenty years, Sonoma State’s Women and Gender Studies program is providing two classes created and lead by full-time students. 

According to long-time activist and Women and Gender Studies Professor Don Romesburg, “What we’re doing now hasn’t been done in our department for many many years... but we think now is an excellent time to re-introduce student-led teaching to Sonoma State. I think there’s a lot of great student activism right now….there’s a lot of students who are deeply engaged and passionate about particular issues.”


Local dog, Bismark, adored on campus

Emily Twisselmann, Staff Writer September 5, 2018

Twice a day, married couple of almost twenty years, Carol Presho and Stuart Hotaling, walk their two-year-old dog around Sonoma State’s campus. On the surface, this may seem like an ordinary, unremarkable tradition. The reality is anything but.

Incredibly, according to Hotaling, the pair can’t even walk ten feet without someone immediately recognizing Bismarck- their well-loved Newfoundland dog -by his wagging tail, his good-natured personality, and his long, black hair. Indeed, it’s hard to find a student or faculty member who hasn’t yet met Bismarck and fallen in love. 


“Global Warming Demystified” heads to Sonoma

Emily Twisselmann, Staff Writer August 31, 2018

Experienced educator, author, and astrophysicist Dr. Jeffrey Bennett is coming to Sonoma State University’s Darwin Hall Room 103 on Monday, Sep. 10 at 4 p.m. to enlighten college students on the basic scientific knowledge behind global warming. Additionally, this quick, free lecture is going to be just one small stepping stone in the grand path of Dr. Bennett’s “Global Warming Demystified” Tour. The book that Dr. Bennett’s tour is currently based off of, “Global Warming Primer”, is also available online for free. 

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