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Best Bar: Friars

With the lack of exciting attractions in Rohnert Park, students flock to nearby Cotati every weekend to enjoy the food, drinks and merriment at the best sports/dive bar within walking distance: Friar Tucks Pub.

Best Brewery: Lagunitas Brewing Co.

In the middle of wine country, surrounded by bountiful vineyards, lies one of the nation’s top brewing companies. 


Andre the Giant has a comic book

While Andre the Giant was literally the biggest wrestling star of the 1970s and 80s, he was secretly a lonely alcoholic who lived a troubled life because of his gargantuan size outside of the ring. Professional wrestling may be fake, but artist Box Brown’s respect and admiration for the 8th Wonder of the World is not in this graphic novel biography “Andre the Giant: Life and Legend” from First Second Books.

Groban leads GMC summer series

The sun was out in full force Tuesday morning as the line-up for the inaugural summer season of the MasterCard Performance Series was being announced on the Green Music Center's Weill Lawn.


Satan in paradise

What started as a journey to an uninhabited island in the Galapagos quickly turned into an adventure with rival parties, mystery and murder. In the documentary “The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden,” filmmakers Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine explore the fascinating human history of three groups of people on the Galapagos island of Floreana, with a twist of a delicious whodunit mystery.


Anthony Jeselnik offends, delights

The audience knew what they were signing up for when offensive comedian Anthony Jeselnik took the stage at Weill Hall Thursday night. It wasn’t a sold-out show, but it certainly felt like it with the amount of laughter that echoed throughout the great wooden hall.


Captain America vs. ‘Winter Soldier’

When aliens invaded New York back in 2012, Captain America led the Avengers into battle to save the world. 

Doctor Who returns

The last weekend in March is an exciting time to be a science-fiction/fantasy television viewer with the premiere of "Game of Thrones," the season finale of "The Walking Dead" and the triumphant return of "Doctor Who."


New life brought to ‘Walking Dead’

In the post-apocalyptic wasteland known as Georgia, Rick Grimes and company have survived the zombie masses for another season. However, like with the previous seasons, zombies aren’t the real threat: people remain public enemy number one.


Associated Students suspends election

Associated Students candidates restarted their campaigns from scratch last Wednesday after the original election and its results were suspended and declared null mere days before spring break.


New and old traditions clash in ‘Undertaking of Lily Chen’

In certain cultures, some ancient traditions remain deeply rooted within families while the rest of the world progresses into the 21st century. For Deshi Li, the monumental task of finding a ghost bride for his recently deceased brother is vital, for departing into the spirit world without a companion is an unspeakable act his family still firmly believes in.


‘House of Cards’ returns, more thrilling than ever

Those with the gold, make the rules. But what if strategic planning and willing to get hands dirty trumps those with the gold? Simple: they are the ones who ultimately rule.

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