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Sonoma Sheriff distributing evacuation tags ahead of fire season

With California’s fire season rapidly approaching, public safety officials in Sonoma County are working hard to make sure they are prepared for whatever may come. One of the newest ways the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office is preparing is by issuing brand new “evacuation tags” to some of the most at risk areas in the county.

SRJC employee placed on leave after allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor

Bryce Gallagher, Staff Writer April 27, 2021

Production specialist for Santa Rosa Junior College’s Theatre Arts department, Ari Poppers, was placed on administrative leave after allegations of inappropriate contact with a minor surfaced on Facebook last week. Poppers, who had held the position since 2008, initiated the conversation with the supposed minor, who is actually a 25 year old Sonoma County resident and has chosen to remain anonymous.

PG&E slacks on trimming maintenance ahead of fire season

Bryce Gallagher, Staff Writer April 21, 2021

Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) has come under fire once again over claims that they had been neglecting maintenance on multiple power grids, which inevitably led to some of the worst wildfires California has ever seen. This backlash comes after Sonoma County prosecutors filed criminal criminal charges last week against the company as a result of the Kincade fire in 2019, which burned more than 77,000 acres and destroyed nearly 400 buildings.

Criminal justice department follows through on grievance with Dean

Bryce Gallagher, Staff Writer April 14, 2021

On March 18, faculty members from the Criminology & Criminal Justice Studies depart-

ment took to the Academic Senate’s weekly meeting to address their case with the Dean

of the School of Social Sciences, Dr. Troi Carleton. Multiple professors within the department

signed and filed a grievance with the University, stating that Carleton overstepped her role as

dean, an accusation which she denies.

Fireworks ban sparks a racist attack against Rohnert Park Vice Mayor

Bryce Gallagher, Staff Writer March 30, 2021

With documented racial tension on the rise across America in the last few years, it was seemingly only a matter of time before Sonoma County was in the spotlight for acts of discrimination

On March 16, Vice Mayor of Rohnert Park, Jackie Elward, was the victim of a racist verbal attack over the phone from a community member opposing Elward’s stance on banning firework sales in the city.

The future of Bennett Valley Golf Course raises issues about inequality

Bryce Gallagher, Staff Writer March 17, 2021

After a tremendous amount of opposition from the surrounding community, The City of Santa Rosa has decided to put a pause on their evaluation of the Bennett Valley Golf Course. Last month, the city made the decision to assess the status of the course in hopes of replacing it with either more recreational space or affordable housing.

After the decision was made, community members from all over Santa Rosa and Sonoma County rallied together to show support for the club, which inevitably led to the project being put on hold.


Associated Student Government hosts debates for the upcoming election

Bryce Gallagher, Staff Writer March 10, 2021

Did 2020 not fill your election needs? The SSU Associated Student Government has you covered, as elections are being held from March 9th-11th on Engage. This year’s candidates for President of ASG are looking to get every vote they possibly can, and in a virtual debate hosted on March 3rd, they plead their case for why they believe they are fit to be your voice.


Advisors release updates on club sports

Bryce Gallagher, Staff Writer March 2, 2021

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S., the entire sports world went silent. No games, no practices, not even team conditioning was allowed in person, leaving everything on hold for multiple months. Now, nearly a year into the pandemic, sports and other outdoor activities are finally beginning to start up again with all the necessary safety precautions being put in place.


ASP introduces Spring events

Bryce Gallagher, Staff Writer February 24, 2021

The ASP team took to Instagram Live on Fri., Feb. 19 to announce some of the biggest events they have planned for the spring semester.


CSU Student Research Competition goes fully virtual for the first time

Bryce Gallagher, Staff Writer February 17, 2021

Every year, the Cal State University system looks to showcase the work of the best and brightest California has to offer. They’ve been doing so for the past 35 years by putting students from each school in a ‘battle of the brains’, with the CSU Student Research Competition.


Survivors remembered in Holocaust & Genocide Lecture Series

Bryce Gallagher, Staff Writer February 10, 2021

For the last 37 years, Sonoma State University has taken the time to remember the 6 million lives lost during one of the most tragic events of our history by hosting the Holocaust and Genocide Lecture Series. In 1983, The Alliance for the Study of the Holocaust and Genocide was created at Sonoma State to share the stories of survivors, thus this lecture series was born. This year, the lectures are being held every Tuesday from January 26th to May 11th at 5:00 p.m. to 6:50 p.m. via Zoom.


Campus Movie Fest goes virtual for student filmmakers

Bryce Gallagher, Staff Writer February 3, 2021

Each year, the Campus Movie Fest comes to college campuses to give student filmmakers one week to produce their best work in the form of a short-film. While the COVID-19 pandemic has put many events on hold, Campus Movie Fest has adapted to the “new normal” and will be held entirely online this year.

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