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Associated Students votes in favor of DREAM Center to support undocumented students

Anna Kehrlein, Staff Writer December 15, 2015

Sonoma State University’s Associated Students heard from the community’s undocumented student population before voting on the establishment of the Dream Center on campus at Friday’s meeting. The meeting began with students standing against the walls of the room silently in solidarity with signs encouraging a Dream Center, signs that spoke for themselves before a single word was spoken. After comment from students and community members, Associated Students voted in favor of the resolution, approving the establishment of the center.


Associated Students to vote on DREAM Center for undocumented students

Anna Kehrlein, Staff Writer December 8, 2015

Sonoma State University President Ruben Armiñana’s decision to support the opening of a DREAM Center for undocumented students struck controversy in the Associated Students meeting to approve a resolution for the center on Friday.


Professor awarded fellowship for childhood development

Anna Kehrlein, Staff Writer November 17, 2015

Students who plan on taking classes in early childhood development next year might benefit from newly updated courses when Assistant Professor Kristina de Korsak finishes her yearlong research with the Simms/Mann Institute for Education and Community Development’s fellowship program.  


The Economist college rankings sheds light on a liberal arts education

Anna Kehrlein, Staff Writer November 10, 2015

Students may already know that sources like U.S. News and World Report and College Board have been releasing college rankings for years, but recently The Economist”joined in with its first ever college ranking system; a list with a slightly different approach. Rather than ranking colleges based on graduates’ average salary, or the niceness of their dorms, The Economist ranked each college based on the economic value of its degree. Sonoma State University was ranked dead last among other California State Universities.

Bullock shines through ratings crisis

Anna Kehrlein, Staff Writer November 3, 2015

Don’t let its low score on rotten tomatoes dissuade you- “Our Brand is Crisis” is yet another killer performance by Sandra Bullock that entertains and enlightens all the way through.


5 seconds of bummer

Anna Kehrlein, Staff Writer October 27, 2015

5 Seconds of Summer released their album “Sounds Good, Feels Good,” on Friday.


New play; Interactive and gay

Anna Kehrlein, Staff Writer October 20, 2015

Last Thursday, top hat and dance lovers alike flocked to Sonoma State University’sPerson Theatre to see the opening performance of “Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Party.”

Students lose virginity to ‘Rocky Horror’

Anna Kehrlein, Staff Writer October 13, 2015

The two vans arrived approximately at 10 p.m. in front the building for parking and police services. About a dozen college students climbed aboard; some in jeans, some in tinsel antennae, others in sequin top hats. From there, the group pelvic thrusted and time warped to 1975, or more specifically, the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” at the Albany Twin Theatre.


Abraham Lincoln to come out of the closet

Anna Kehrlein, Staff Writer October 5, 2015

Students of Sonoma State University, get ready for a gay, top-hat laden extravaganza. Yes, the Pride Festival already happened - The next big event is “Abraham Lincoln’s Big Gay Dance Party,” the upcoming play the theater arts and dance department has prepared for this fall.

Seawolves SPEAK! Presidential Edition

Anna Kehrlein, Staff Writer September 15, 2015

With President Barack Obama in his final year of office and the primary debates in our midst, every media outlet, from Facebook to CNN is buzzing over who should be the next President of the United States. On the Republican side, the front-runner Donald Trump boasts a tremendous amount of publicity due to the intensity of his comments and beliefs and the controversy that they spark. While many Americans are bewildered by his immigration policy, others like the fact that he speaks his mind. In addition, Jeb Bush, former president George W. Bush’s younger brother is running, as well as several other candidates.

Associated Students looking to fill open positions

Anna Kehrlein, Staff Writer September 8, 2015

Following last spring’s Associated Students election, newly-elected student representatives were tasked with the job of filling the vacant positions of Executive Vice President, School of Business Senator and School of Education Senator of which no student ran for.

Intervarsity reinstated by university system

Anna Kehrlein, Staff Writer September 1, 2015

Intervarsity, a Christian fellowship organization at Sonoma State University, was derecognized as a campus organization last fall because of their failure to allow students of any faith to hold leadership positions within the club.

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